Zachary Levi confesses that he was sure he would not get his role in ‘Shazam!’ because of Dwayne Johnson

Now that the new movie of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam has been confirmed and a small teaser came out during the DC FanDome, Zachary Levi He wanted to confess that he saw his position in ‘Shazam!’ for this one.

According to an interview for the podcast of Nerdbot, the actor didn’t think he was going to be cast when he showed up for the audition.

“According to the comics, Black Adam and Captain Marvel (Shazam), my true namesake, are yin and yang with each other. They are identical. That’s why I thought I didn’t even have a chance to get this job. [Dwayne Johnson] I’d already been cast as Black Adam, and I knew enough to know that Captain Marvel / Shazam and Black Adam were basically the same person, only with a slightly different haircut and color scheme. I was like, ‘No one is going to hire me to be The Rock’s twin. I don’t think this is going to work, ‘”said the actor.

The truth is that it is difficult to blame Levi for such a pessimistic view since Johnson is one of the fittest actors in all of Hollywood and resembling him is an almost impossible task.

“The truth is, I was scheduled on an appointment two months before I got the job. My agency sent me an appointment for the role of Shazam in the movie, ‘Shazam!’, And I knew ‘The Rock’ had already been cast as Black Adam, so my first reaction was, ‘Why the hell are you sending me this right now? ‘“Levi continued,” I emailed them and said, ‘Hey, aren’t you looking for A: big stars at least and B: someone who’s a great person? “

“I knew that yin and yang, even though my knowledge of Captain Marvel was very superficial at the time,” he continued to explain. “But they evasively replied, ‘We’re not really sure.’ And then I said: ‘Well I think I’m going to move on because I think it might be a waste of time, I don’t seem like I have any chance of getting this job, to be perfectly honest. ‘ And then a while passed, and I was reading for other things or looking at other things, and he came back, and I got another audition for a completely different role. “

“I had no idea what exactly the role was, but they were parts that were specifically for auditions and I was like, ‘Okay i think i can make a scene‘. I felt like I could probably play this character. And I recorded myself and then that was sent to the creative team. Then I got a call from my agent and they said, ‘Hey, what’s up with that Shazam role you left two months ago? Because they think you might actually be very suitable for this‘”, the actor finished explaining, in an anecdote that exemplifies quite well how complex the casting of a movie can be.

The truth is that The Rock’s twin or not, having seen Levi in ​​the role, we could not imagine another person for the job.

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Zachary Levi confesses that he was sure he would not get his role in ‘Shazam!’ because of Dwayne Johnson