Zac Efron falls in love with his physique in a new movie

It seems that Zac Efron has been very active in secret or so he let it be seen with an unexpected post on social networks.

Efron shared a video of what looks like a new movie called “Dubai,” which he shot alongside the beautiful actress Jessica Alba.

In the video Zac appears dressed in a black suit and a tie with which he looks very (but very) handsome. Although no details have been revealed, it seems that the story will be full of action, between motorcycles, luxury cars, explosions and heart attack chases.


This production marks Efron’s return after focusing on Netflix productions such as the film. Ted Bundy: Sleeping With The Enemy and the documentary series Down to Earth With Zac Efron.

There is no doubt that the actor looks better than ever and his 33 years has proven to be one of the promises of the industry.

Zac Efron He has become a Hollywood favorite for his charisma and gallantry. In addition to his great physical attractiveness, the actor has shown a talent for adapting to different projects, from romantic tapes to musicals and action tapes.

Efron’s unexpected transformation

A few months ago, Zac gave a lot to talk about during his participation in an Earth Day special and not for his altruistic work but for a suspicious physical transformation.

The actor’s followers could not avoid pointing out his swollen face, with the rougher jaw and very prominent cheekbones., arousing suspicions about an aesthetic intervention.

In social networks, memes They made fun of her looks, while comments expressed disappointment at having “ruined” her perfect face.

Without saying more, he remained focused on his affairs, without seeking to please people.

Shortly after criticism for his alleged aesthetic intervention, Zac was seen at the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) in Hobart, Tasmania for the new season of Netflix Down to Earth and the reactions were completely different.

Once again, fans were praising her beauty and expressed relief to see that Efron looked “like before.”

With this, the former Disney star hinted that he continues to enjoy his life, traveling, completing projects and taking advantage of family time.

A few days ago, Efron shared a funny video in which he appears “escaping” with his grandfather from the asylum where he lives. In the style of “Mission Impossible”, the actor showed the complicity that exists with his grandfather and his brother Dylan.

The pressure for perfection almost destroyed Efron

Far from what has happened with his supposed transformation, the actor has already been on the verge of collapse for having to see himself in a certain way.

While criticism is very easy behind a screen, few remember that celebrities are human and invade them with demands on how they must look to stay on top.

The actor of The Greatest Showman He has never spoken openly about the havoc caused by the industry pressure to look perfect, however he has revealed messy eating habits in the past, especially in reference to his diet while filming the movie Baywatch in 2017.

In a 2019 interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Zac said he didn’t want to beautify his physique for the movie because I didn’t think it was realistic. He said that trying to achieve that body shape is “just stupid.”

“For the boys, that is not realistic. I tell you. I got really big and fond of that movie, but I don’t want people to think it’s the best way to be. I don’t want to glamorize this, ”he revealed.

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Zac Efron falls in love with his physique in a new movie