“You are my true legend”: Laura Dern and her mother’s emotional tears after winning the Oscar | Celebrities, Vips

Laura Dern won the Oscar for best supporting actress for Story of a marriage. An award motivated by an apotheosis (and viral) speech on the syndrome of the Virgin Mary Mothers, where the divorce lawyer Nora Fanshaw, whom he interprets, exposes her opposition about social expectations and the pressure exerted on mothers, those who are socially constructed as a kind of virgins and beings without blemish. A monologue that has exposed and generated a social debate about the moral judgments that weigh on the parents when they are evaluated in the eyes of others.

If the path that led him to the Oscar was for harshly criticizing the dictatorship on ideal motherhood, his option when collecting his award was to honor the figure of his parents: both the actor Bruce Dern – who was not present – and his own mother, also actress Diane Ladd. Some say you don’t know your heroes. But I say that if you are lucky, you have them as parents », Dern said, visibly moving Ladd, who accompanied her and acted as her daughter’s partner in a symbolic male suit on the red carpet. Mother and daughter sat together and hugged upon hearing Dern’s name as an Oscar winner. The mother’s tears during the speech were captured by the cameras in one of the most emotional moments of the night.

Dern’s words were especially moving, considering that mother and daughter have had the most prolific professional careers, sharing professional challenges and personal achievements. Dern debuted with her mother in The Traffickers, in 1973. Later he would make another cameo in other of his mother’s films, Alicia no longer lives here (1974) and even appeared together in scenes of the most symbolic in Wild Heart (1990), directed by David Lynch. Their most momentous roles together would come in two other projects: The price of ambition (1991), film for which both were nominated for an Oscar (Dern for Best Leading Actress, Ladd for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the first mother and daughter to be nominated for their performances in the same film) and illuminated, where Ladd played Dern’s mother in the long-awaited HBO series.

Diane Ladd and Laura Dern in the film that would lead to a double Oscar nomination in 1992.

Mother and daughter in ‘Iluminada’ (HBO). Photo: HBO

Together in ‘Wild Heart’.

Twenty-eight years after his first nomination, and after having accompanied each other to multiple awards ceremonies, Dern closed the circle by winning an award born of a character who is frustrated by social impositions on mothers to dedicate it to him, precisely , to yours. His “true legend.”

Diane Ladd, in a symbolic costume, acted as Dern’s escort at the ceremony. Photo: Getty

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“You are my true legend”: Laura Dern and her mother’s emotional tears after winning the Oscar | Celebrities, Vips