When French police and gendarmes refuel without authorization in Luxembourg

Are the rise in fuel prices threatening relations between the French and Luxembourg law enforcement agencies? In recent weeks, relations between the bodies of the two countries have been slightly refreshed while the Lorraine police and gendarmes have taken the annoying habit of refueling their service vehicles in Luxembourg territory, in “Full outfit”, that is to say armed. These repeated incursions were even the subject of at least one filing of a complaint by a Luxembourg motorist after lively discussions with members of the French police.

On September 14, this citizen of the Grand Duchy presented himself at the Käerjeng and Pétange police station, near the Belgian and French borders, to denounce facts dating back to August 23. That day, irritated by the ballet of French police cars at the Esso service station in Rodange, a “section” of the town of Pétange, he films officials refueling their screen-printed van, a vehicle assigned to the car park of the public security district of Longwy (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

« Confrontation »

“You do not have the right to enter, armed and without authorization, on Luxembourg territory”, is indignant in substance the motorist, who intends to reply that the French and Luxembourg authorities have bilateral agreements in the matter. A month earlier, an identical scenario had already occurred with a gendarme, at a service station in Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest city in Luxembourg. This time the tone had risen and the exchanges had turned “To the confrontation”, according to The essential, a Luxembourg news site, which reported the incident. “A French gendarme does not have the right to be armed on Luxembourg territory, so I decided to film him, then explained the motorist to the media. He ordered me to stop photographing him and insulted me. ”

Tuesday, November 9, informed of the complaint lodged in mid-September, the Luxembourg public prosecutor’s office therefore seized the police and customs coordination center (CCPD), a cross-border cooperation body that brings together representatives of the French, German and Belgian law enforcement agencies. and Luxembourgish. A request is immediately addressed to the staff of the zonal direction of public security in eastern France: “The Luxembourg authorities, writes a lieutenant-colonel of the Grand Duchy officiating at the CCPD, wonder about the fact that French police and gendarmes come to Luxembourg in full uniform and armed to fill up their service vehicles outside of the missions provided for by the Schengen agreements ”. The “questioning”, to be courteous, is actually lip service because, the officer himself emphasizes: ” To [sa] knowledge, there is no specific bilateral agreement ” authorizing such actions.

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When French police and gendarmes refuel without authorization in Luxembourg