Prison closed for former Danish immigration minister

When she was immigration minister, the liberal Inger Stojberg celebrated the new screwdrivers in Danish migration policy – already very restrictive – by sharing a cake with her collaborators. With her taste for provocation and the politically incorrect, she had become the “favorite minister” of the Danes. On Monday, December 13, she was sentenced by the country’s Special Court of Justice to sixty days in prison, for having unlawfully separated, in 2016, couples of asylum seekers, whose wife was a minor.

“These are the Danish values ​​that have lost today”, reacted Mme Stojberg, once the verdict is in. A little later, on her Facebook account, the former minister, who became a member of Parliament again in June 2019, and a follower of social networks, thanked her support. If she let it be known that she “Respected the judgment and accepted [sa] condemnation without lowering your head “, she felt she had “Was punished for trying to protect the girls’.

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Dissuade candidates for exile

Red hair tight in an eternal bun, the scathing repartee, Inger Stojberg, 48, embodied, from 2015 to 2019, an extremely hard line on questions of asylum and immigration, not afraid to be accused of doing “Political symbol”. Its objective, since taken over by the Social Democrats, who returned to power in 2019: to limit arrivals to Denmark as much as possible.

It was on his initiative, for example, that the immigration ministry had bought full pages of advertisements in Lebanese newspapers, in the summer of 2015, to dissuade candidates for exile from joining the Scandinavian country. It was also she who had passed an amendment, a few months later, authorizing the police to seize the money and jewelry of asylum seekers, exceeding a value of 10,000 crowns (€ 1,345), upon their entry. on the territory.

Another signature proposal is the isolation of foreign offenders on an island, where the Veterinary Institute was conducting work on canine rabies and swine fever. Finally, on February 10, 2016, she ordered the separation of the couples of asylum seekers, at least one of whose members was a minor: a decision for which she will soon be sent to prison.

At the time, the subject of “married children” was raging in Denmark. A total of 34 couples were separated during the spring of 2016. Among them: two Syrians, Rimaz Alkayal, 17, and her husband, Alnour Alwans, 26. Until then, only girls under 15 were isolated from their husbands. For older minors, separation is only considered in cases of forced marriage, after investigation. Rimaz was pregnant. The couple had asked to be heard, but their request was denied. The two Syrians then contacted the human rights defender, who opened an investigation.

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Prison closed for former Danish immigration minister