Presidential election 2022: Macron facing the “bad winds” of history

The question came back in successive waves, always hidden behind another object, before being asked frankly after two hours of press conference: will Emmanuel Macron be a candidate for his re-election in the presidential ballot on the 10th and 24th? April 2022? For weeks, the Head of State’s troops have been working in secret on his future campaign. His opponents are annoyed to see him lurking in ambiguity, accusing him of taking advantage of his function to go hunting for votes with the means of the Elysee. As for journalists, therefore, they question, tirelessly.

Admittedly, the meeting of Thursday, December 9, in the village hall of the presidential palace, aimed to present the priorities of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, in the first half of 2022. But the coincidence of events raises lawsuits in instrumentalization that call for answers.

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Emmanuel Macron, first, is playful. He laughs at a “Obsessive question” from the press, even “A hidden desire, almost a call”, after having defended, a little earlier, his wish to lead “Until the last quarter of an hour”. Then he grabs the pole. “It is important that the institutions continue to operate in the most stable way possible, pleads the Head of State. When the bad winds return, and rise, it is legitimate that there are democratic choices and that all voices are expressed. But the role of our institutions is to keep the country where it needs to be; do not concede anything, neither to racism, nor to anti-Semitism, nor to the questioning of our values, nor to the manipulation of our history. “

The danger of “historical revisionism”

The allusion to Eric Zemmour, twice convicted of incitement to racial discrimination and religious hatred, is transparent. What does it matter that the star of the far-right candidate has faded for a few weeks, in particular with his meeting in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis), on December 5, enamelled with violence. Emmanuel Macron designates him as his opponent. He opposes him ” calm “ and the“Authority” institutions.

The agenda of the head of state’s European presidency is a response to the populist push in France

A little earlier, already, the President of the Republic had underlined the danger of “Historical revisionism”. This particularly targeted Poland. But the subject could extend to Eric Zemmour, who seeks to rehabilitate Marshal Pétain and strongly denounces the memorial laws punishing racism or negationism. Emmanuel Macron, he wants “Extend the list of European offenses to hate crime and speech”. And create, in the process, “A European support fund for independent and investigative journalism”, at a time when the former columnist of CNews has journalists booed by his supporters.

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Presidential election 2022: Macron facing the “bad winds” of history