On the borders of Ukraine, “it’s just another day of war”

The respite will have been short-lived. For the second time in less than six months, Ukraine faces a further escalation with Moscow at its borders, where Russian troop movements “Unusual” have been observed in recent weeks, raising fears of a large-scale military operation.

The United States was the first to sound the alarm. On October 30, U.S. officials raised concerns in the Washington Post facing a “New reinforcement” Russian soldiers at the eastern borders, where Ukraine has been at war since 2014 against pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow, which annexed Crimea the same year. The American daily mentions videos posted on social networks showing Russian military trains and truck convoys carrying large quantities of military equipment, including tanks and missiles. The next day, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby warns that “Any escalation or aggressive measure would be a source of great concern for the United States”. In a few days, NATO, the European Union, Germany and France came together and urged Moscow to be transparent and avoid committing a crime. “Serious mistake”.

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The reaction of the Ukrainian authorities, on the other hand, is confusing. At first, Kiev denies it. “No further deployment of Russian military units, weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian border has been observed”, declares the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense the day after the first publications in the American press. The movements reported are only “Displacements of troops after exercises”, he specifies then, estimating that the dissemination of allegations on a reinforcement of the Russian army could be an operation “Psychological” aimed at destabilizing Ukraine.

A strange “shift”

“At the beginning, when we saw that the American press was talking about a new reinforcement of the troops, we were very surprised, because our intelligence services and our soldiers saw nothing, tells a close to the government. This is why our first statements were calm: we do not want to cause panic for nothing. “

The discrepancy between the alarming tone of Washington and that of Kiev, however, sows distrust among the population. Failing to panic, she wonders: who is telling the truth? What exactly is happening at the borders? Could the Ukrainian intelligence services be wrong? Did the government misunderstand what the military was explaining to it? Even today, many Ukrainians remain cautious.

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On the borders of Ukraine, “it’s just another day of war”