Kora, musical juggling and contemporary art in Paris: the cultural agenda of “World Africa”

Every Friday, the cultural agenda of World Africa offers you activities to follow or do on the continent, in France and elsewhere in the world.

  • Motionless journey through African metropolises at the Art-Z gallery

“Dream City”, by Mamadou Cissé, felt tip pen and ballpoint pen on paper, 21 x 28cm.

With “Africa Urbis. The African city in 100 small formats ”, the Art-Z gallery offers a “Traveling exhibition” across the continent’s metropolises, since the 11e district of Paris. One hundred small formats, books, limited editions and drawings are to be discovered until December 18.

We set off for Dakar with Ndoye Douts, Senegalese visual artist born in Sangalkam in 1973 and very inspired by the Medina district, where he lives. His painting tells the story of the city’s abundant architecture, which his series Taped mouth (2012) shows a ship floating in space.

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Direction Nairobi, with the black ink drawings of the Kenyan Onyis Martin who imagines the bodies of birds and men in perpetual movement. Then Abidjan, with the master recycling artist Mounou Désiré Koffi and his street scenes (Mockery, The Little Pause) composed from telephone and acrylic keyboards.

The journey continues in Harare, with the drawings from the series The War by Zimbabwean artist Rashid Jogee; in Johannesburg with Clifford Charles; in Bamako, Kinshasa or Pointe-Noire with the photographers Malick Sidibé, Jean Depara and Studio Pellosh. And ends elsewhere, in the utopian towns of Mamadou Cissé.

Informations : gallery Art-Z

  • Ballaké Sissoko and his guests in concert at the Fondation Cartier

Since its release in the spring, we never tire of listening Djourou by Ballaké Sissoko. The Malian Korist, born in Bamako in 1967 in a large family of djerli (storytelling musicians and bearers of the oral tradition in Mandingo country), defines the title of his album as “The rope that connects him to others”. Hence the large number of guests on this new opus: the musician and singer Sona Jobarteh, the first professional female korist, with whom Ballaké Sissoko signs the sublime koras duo Djourou ; Salif Keïta, whose voice is overwhelming in Guelen ; the singer Camille, who lends herself to a moving voice / string dialogue in Kora ; rapper Oxmo Puccino in Rubbing hands, conceived as a tribute to this part of the body and to the game of the Korist master; singer and guitarist Piers Faccini in Kadidja, all in harmony and softness.

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The clarinetist Patrick Messina, the singer of the group Feu! Chatterton Arthur Teboul and cellist and bassist Vincent Ségal – long-term accomplice since the album Chamber Music from 2009 – are also part of the adventure. They will be on stage alongside Ballaké Sissoko on December 13 at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, as part of the “Nomadic Evenings” organized by the institution.

Informations : Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

  • Musical juggling and dancing in Seine-et-Marne

“Maputo-Mozambique”, a show created by Thomas Guérineau with Mozambican juggling artists.

The story of Maputo-Mozambique began in 2011 at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center where Thomas Guérineau was invited to train young artists in the practice of musical juggling. A juggler himself since he was 15, the artist from Tours practices dance, music and mime. So many expressions that he interweaves in his creations.

In this show, seven Mozambicans, Ernesto Langa, José Joaquim Sitoë, Lourenço Vasco Lourenço, Nhumaio, Valdovino De Sousa, Dimas Tivane and Fenias Issaque – at the Ferme du buisson (77), Wednesday December 15 in the afternoon, they will be only four -, give birth to music and movement with their bodies, their voices and all kinds of instruments and objects of various materials: drums, plastic bags, clubs, juggling balls. The alternation of soft and strong sounds, slow and fast gestures, the bright colors and the complicity of the artists produce a deep impression of joy and poetry.

Show for all ages, from 6 years old. Information: The Bush Farm

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Kora, musical juggling and contemporary art in Paris: the cultural agenda of “World Africa”