In Kazakhstan, the uprising crushed in blood

In the aftermath of the most significant unrest that the country has known since its independence, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, said on Friday (January 7th) that “Constitutional order has been largely restored”, while specifying, in a press release, that operations would continue “Until the total destruction of [manifestants] ». He then instructed the police and military to open “Fire without warning”, in a speech on television. All regions were “Released and placed under increased protection”, with 70 checkpoints established in the country, said the interior ministry.

Protests continued in several towns, however, on Thursday, despite the use of lethal force by the security structures and the deployment of “Peacekeeping forces” Russian. To the south-east, in Almaty, the economic capital (1.7 million inhabitants), which has become the epicenter of the uprising, bursts of fire have resounded again during the last twenty-four hours, and armored vehicles crisscross the wide avenues. The city was attacked by « 20 000 bandits » with a “Clear plan”, said the president.

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In the north-west, where the insurrectionary movement started, the demonstrations have not stopped either. In Aktau, protesters formed barricades on the airport road to block access to the Russian military, according to online media Azattyq, while 3,000 people occupied downtown Janaozen, according to the Orda website. Ten years ago, police opened fire on protesters demanding better wages, killing 16 people. Janaozen had since been remembered as the worst bloodbath in the country’s recent history.

“Armed criminals”

The insurrectional episode that the former Soviet republic is going through promises a heavier toll. After reporting on Thursday “Tens” deaths among demonstrators designated as “Terrorists [qui] hide behind women and children ”, the Kazakh interior ministry, however, appeared to be backpedaling by advancing, on Friday, the figures of 26 “Armed criminals” killed and 18 injured – while, the day before, the Ministry of Health evoked a thousand injured. Eighteen police officers were also said to have been killed, according to the authorities, who have not released their names. Use of the term “Terrorists” suggests that the power does not intend to dialogue with the demonstrators. The revolt however finds its origin in liberalization, the 1is January, the price of fuel. LPG, widely used for private vehicles, has seen its price double.

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In Kazakhstan, the uprising crushed in blood