Broken promises and overly ambitious goals, Joe Biden abused by the American press

The american president “Had to restore order in the face of chaos [laissé par l’ancien président, Donald Trump] in Washington. But chaos prevails “. It’s in these unambiguous words that the American media Politico summarizes on his site the first year of the presidency of Joe Biden. As the year 2021 draws to a close, the Democrat is mired in great health and political difficulties, bringing out “The central hypothesis of a presidency in danger (…) faced with an influx of crises ”, he insists Politico.

The first of these is health, while the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, more contagious, is now largely dominant in the United States, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) announced on Monday. The country is facing a large resurgence of cases of contamination, on the eve of the end of the year holidays.

Joe Biden, “Who campaigned on the claim that the ravages of the pandemic could have been avoided last year, now faces the challenge of explaining that Omicron infections could be almost inevitable, even for those vaccinated”, point it Washington Post.

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Faced with Covid-19, “few politically suitable tools”

Omicron accounted for 73.2% of new Covid-19 infections in the week ending December 18, compared to just 12.6% last week, according to data from US health authorities. It represents up to 96.3% of new cases in three states in the northwestern United States (Oregon, Washington and Idaho). For “Trying to convince Americans to protect themselves”, argue it Washington Post, the American president was to announce new measures Tuesday evening.

No containment or additional restrictions, the White House said ahead of the announcements, but the free distribution of 500 million screening tests and the mobilization of a thousand doctors, nurses or medical personnel from the army to strengthen hospitals and increase the country’s immunization capacity. Mr Biden’s speech promises to be a challenge, always warns the Washington Post : “In the midst of an emergency – both for public health and for the president’s position – [ce dernier] has few new, at least politically appropriate, tools at its disposal, and experts fear exhausted Americans have already lowered their vigilance. “

A year ago he “Predicted that by this Christmas, the country would have returned to a situation close to normal. In March he said [aussi] that the feast of July 4 “would mark our independence in the face of this virus” ”, recalls the national daily USA Today. It is clear that this promise has not come true. Especially since the growing threat of Omicron has reached even the president himself, forced on Monday to undergo a screening test after having been in contact with a counselor ill with Covid-19. The result came back negative, but Joe Biden will have to comply with a second check on Wednesday.

The thorn Joe Manchin

“In the latter part of 2021, as multiple crises emerged, the White House struggled to convey a message of unity, not just nationwide, as Biden had promised during the presidential campaign. of 2020, but also to that of his party “, denounces the newspaper The Hill. Because in addition to the pandemic linked to Covid-19 – of which 49% of Americans disapprove of the management, according to a survey of Washington Post-ABC News relayed by the Time -, the American president is confronted with a political crisis after a democratic senator, Joe Manchin, publicly announced not to support his vast plan of social reforms, considered too costly in times of high inflation.

Baptized « Build Back Better » (“To rebuild better”), the project endowed with 1,750 billion dollars (approximately 1,500 billion euros) notably plans to lower the cost of childcare and medicines, tax credits for households Americans and substantial investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Corn “The president’s objectives have always been particularly ambitious given the small majority of his party in Congress”, note it New York Times – 222 Democratic seats against 211 Republicans in the House of Representatives, and 50-50 in the Senate, where no vote should therefore be lacking.

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What worries Democrats all the more is that “The abandonment of the law, after months of negotiations, begins what Mr. Biden presented as one of his strengths: his deep knowledge of Congress and his ability to pass major legislation”, analyze again USA Today.

“Questioning the competence of the president” Biden

“We must pass this law, believes a Democrat linked to the White House, whose comments are relayed by the Time. We can get by. Part of the solution will come true on its own, organically, and we must take control of the other part. “ Americans “Wait and see how far Biden can control” the situation in the United States, laughs the newspaper.

Although Senator Joe Manchin has been firm on his refusal to vote on the text, Joe Biden still hopes to be able to pass his investment plan at the beginning of the year – the White House spokeswoman described the two men as “Longtime friends” ready “To move forward”, according to New York Times.

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‘Cause unless the president succeeds “To change the senator’s mind, this will result in a profound failure of the fight against global warming and the widening of the social safety net, but also in a questioning of the competence of the president [Biden] and its supposed ability to build consensus in a period marked by intolerance and clan spirit ”, concludes curtly Politico.

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Broken promises and overly ambitious goals, Joe Biden abused by the American press