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Motorhomes are some of the vehicles that most move the popular imagination. Have you ever thought you could travel across an entire country without having to stay in dodgy hotels and still have the chance to enjoy the road with a hell of an engine? That’s what a lot of wealthy people in the United States do, especially celebrities like actor and rapper Will Smith.

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The protagonist of

A Crazy One in the Piece


Independence Day and MIB – Men in Black

owns one of the most incredible motorhomes of all time, The Heat, manufactured by Anderson Mobile Estates. Extremely luxurious, the vehicle is practically a mansion on wheels, with cinema, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and all the comfort that a celebrity needs on shooting days.

According to the manufacturer of the The Heat, it is supported by wheels and eight pistons, with the weight and space equivalent of eight traditional trailers. Technical data has not been disclosed, but US law requires it to be able to ride at a maximum speed of 30 km/h. However, even on the move, the comfort on board the motorhome is absolutely unquestionable.

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Inside, The Heat has a movie theater for 30 people and a 90 inch screen, which can be used for both entertainment and meetings. In addition, there are many bathrooms and a fully functional kitchen where Smith usually prepares his meals. There is also a dressing room and more reserved places to rest, although there are no rooms in the vehicle.

You can rent if you want — and can

Bought by Will Smith in the years

, The Heat is valued at $2.5 million. But the actor doesn’t use it all the time and cleverly puts it out for hire. The price? US$ 9,000 per week, with fuel expenses not included.

Source: Engine1

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