Why Black Widow’s Yelena Isn’t In The Hawkeye Trailer

Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova character is set to make her first MCU appearance since Black Widow in Hawkeye, so why isn’t she in the trailer?

Florence Pugh’s Black Widow character Yelena Belova is set to return to the MCU in Hawkeye, but she doesn’t appear in the first official trailer for the show. The fourth live-action Disney+ MCU show and the fifth Disney+ Marvel series overall, Hawkeye will continue the story of the eponymous archer when it premieres on November 24, 2021. The series will star Pugh alongside Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, and Alaqua Cox.

The first Hawkeye trailer sets up the series pretty well, showing Hawkeye coming out of retirement to stop a mysterious vigilante who’s using his former Ronin persona. That person turns out to be Kate Bishop, and the two archers end up going on a wild Christmas adventure. There’s lots of action, car chases, trick shots, and even a glimpse at an in-universe Avengers Broadway musical. But through the whole Hawkeye trailer, there’s no sign of Pugh’s Yelena Belova.

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The natural explanation is simply that Yelena is being saved as a surprise for later trailers, or for the show itself. Her storyline, set up at the end of Black Widow, will see her hunting Hawkeye for Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who tricked her into believing the archer was responsible for Natasha’s death. That means that Yelena will be more of a side story in Hawkeye – the piece connecting it to the rest of MCU Phase 4. As such, it wouldn’t make much sense to include her in the first trailer for the series, which is meant to establish the main story and the relationship between Clint and Kate Bishop.

Yelena Belova and Clint Barton as Hawkeye

Yelena is also a great card to hold while excitement builds around Hawkeye. She’s a popular character with a particularly intriguing connection to Hawkeye himself, and since she’s already been confirmed to appear in the show, Disney can afford to tease out her first appearance for a bit longer. The inevitable showdown between Yelena and Hawkeye could be one of the high points of the whole show, and Disney wouldn’t want to give too much away in the first trailer.

It seems unlikely that Yelena would actually follow through on her mission and try to kill Hawkeye once she learns what really happened on Vormir. But with Valentina being built yup as one of the franchise’s new big bads, it’s possible that Yelena and Hawkeye’s conflict won’t be fully settled by the end of the season. Disney hasn’t revealed Yelena in Hawkeye just yet, but she’s sure to be one of the most exciting additions to the show.

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