When shooting a horror movie is psychological torment

Horror movie lovers remember Hereditary as one of the most overwhelming masterpieces of recent years, which together with Midsummer and Let me out forms an exemplary triumvirate to demonstrate the rise of the genre among the public and the industry in general. However, as much as horror films require shots and technical sequences to achieve their scares, in the case of Hereditary the work was much more intense for its actors.

Especially for Alex Wolff, who confesses to having suffered the greatest psychological damage of his career as a result of a film.

Alex Wolff in Hereditary (Image courtesy of Deaplaneta during the film’s 2018 premiere)

The 23-year-old actor, who you probably also recognize as the young protagonist of Jumanji, has returned to theaters with M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller, Weather, and with Nicolas Cage in Pig, sharing the torment suffered a few years ago during an interview with Looper.

Alex Wolff he delved into his experience with the Ari Aster feature film by revealing how much that shoot affected him on a personal level, even after turning off the cameras. “I’ll tell you that the movie hurt me as much as possible”the Manhattan native commented while He added that he suffered “everything”, from psychological consequences to lack of sleep.

“It’s very difficult because as an actor, you don’t really want to sound pretentious or serious or like something is too serious, because we have a comfortable job in many ways, but this, emotionally, was one of the tough ones, one of those who really did stunts. with my emotional well-being ” added.

And is that anyone who has seen Hereditaty you will understand his words, basically because his character suffers from some of the most brutal scenes seen in a long time.

Attention if you never saw Hereditary: below are revealed spoilers important of the film.

On Hereditary, Alex Wolff plays Peter, Toni Collette’s teenage son who is mourning the death of his mother as the film serves as a metaphor for death and mental health consequences. In the first arc of the plot, the 16-year-old character lies to his mother saying that he plans to attend a school event when, in reality, he is heading to a party and is forced to take his sister. However, when he arrives, he stops paying attention and the young woman, younger than him, suffers anaphylactic shock after eating walnuts. On the way to the hospital, the sister sticks her head out the window to get some fresh air, but when Peter dodges a deer on the road he beheads her with a telephone pole. He arrives home in shock, leaving the body in the car that his mother discovers screaming in the morning.

Then the character suffers with the pain of what happened, the guilt and coldness of his mother, while the story takes unexpected paths about the occult and possession that lead to terrifying sequences where Peter is also the protagonist.

End of spoilers.

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Obviously, shooting these types of stories can have consequences for its actors, no matter how hard they try to stay professional. And Alex Wolff is living proof of this, suffering insomnia and psychological consequences. Moreover, in another interview he gave to The Wrap During the promotion of the film a few years ago, he shared that he had decided to shoot a scene himself where his character bangs his nose against a desk, making it so realistic that he actually hit “blood running down my knee ” unable to move his arm and ankle swollen from the blow in general.

Upon learning of Alex’s story resulta inevitable no recordar a Shelley Duvall after his experience shooting The glow. The pressure experienced under the command of Stanley Kubrick took its toll, since the director allegedly asked the team not to be empathetic with her, in theory to cause the discomfort that is throbbing in her performance. And when shot in chronological order, this descent into madness seems even more real. So at least the actress confessed in the past, suffering from high levels of stress to the point of constantly crying and losing locks of hair.

I couldn’t help but remember Kyle Richards who played the girl from Halloween of John Carpenter with 8 years. She told herself, via BravoTV, that after seeing the premiere of the film he was so afraid that he had to sleep with his mother until he was 15, imagining that there was someone under the bed or behind the curtains. Needless to say, he never made a horror movie again.

Alex Wolff was barely 18 years old at the time of filming the film and it is no wonder he was affected when it was finished. However, the experience managed to place him in the crosshairs of the industry and critics, expanding his career after becoming known as a Nickelodeon child star and several supporting roles.

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When shooting a horror movie is psychological torment