When Laura Dern was blacklisted in Hollywood for playing a lesbian

The name of Laura Dern it is on everyone’s lips. The brand-new winner of the Oscar for best supporting actress for playing a combative lawyer specializing in divorces in Story of a marriage he is living his best professional stage in more than 40 years of his career. Not only for the well-deserved Oscar that comes after three nominations. Dern has been a popular face for a while, mostly due to his work on the hit HBO series. Big little lies, its appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, her lauded performance as a child sexually abused woman in the telefilm The tale, her recent role as mother of four Little women of the version of Greta Gerwig or her return in the skin of Dr. Ellie Sattleren in the next Jurassic World 3.

But there was a time when this same Dern from which Hollywood presume now, was blacklisted for supporting Ellen DeGeneres to come out of the closet in the 90’s on the sitcom Ellen.

Laura Dern with her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress


In 1993, the actress and muse of David Lynch rose to fame thanks to the success of the Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg, which made him rain down on offers. A recognized democrat and defender of progressive policies, she did not hesitate to accept Ellen DeGeneres’ proposal to partner with Ellen DeGeneres when she decided to come out of the closet in her series, tired of keeping her true sexual inclination a secret.

In the episode entitled ‘The Puppy Episode’, Ellen meets Susan, a producer to whom she is strongly attracted and who in fiction played Dern. After a night in a hotel room, Susan tells Ellen that she is gay and that she thinks she is, too, though Ellen initially refuses to admit it. Finally, she ends up saying that she is a lesbian using the public address speakers as a public testimony.

According Pink NewsDern was banned from Hollywood for her performance in that episode for years. The actress herself recalled in 2017 on the Oprah Winfrey program with DeGeneres about the impact the episode had on them: “I started receiving calls, which were surprising to me. From friends and peers, even gay friends and peers who said “Are you sure you want to do this? Are you worried?” And I was not at all worried, “said the protagonist of Wild Heart.

In an interview in Vulture, Dern even declared that it was a very important bump in his career: “I was making successful independent films, and only months before I was in ‘Jurassic Park’, the most successful film in history. They offered me the gold and the moor and it just stopped. Which is pretty strong. ” Not only was it a bump in the professional sense, but the actress received death threats. “The first time I realized it I was having a drink with Oprah and suddenly a troop of cops arrived on set while we were rehearsing. They said, “There’s a bomb threat, we’re doing a search on the stage” and they literally ran us off the set. “

Since then, the daughter of actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd has been relegated to appearing in TV movies and appearing in small roles such as in Dr T and the women, Daddy and them, I am Sam O Lonely Hearts. A time of great professional frustration that David Lynch relieved by rescuing her for Inland Empire (2006). Thus, little by little his filmography was fed again until he returned to the sweet moment he lives today and with an Oscar as the perfect gift to celebrate his 53rd birthday yesterday in style.

They offered me the gold and the moor and it just stopped. Which is pretty strong. “

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When Laura Dern was blacklisted in Hollywood for playing a lesbian