What if it had been released years later?

Four years before the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will be installed as the reference tournament of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, for its acronym in English), the director and screenwriter Gavin O’Connor developed Warrior (2011). The film was released in 2011, when the tournament did not have the prestige that it enjoys today. Maybe that uncoordination between premiere and contextual explosion of the sport made Warrior It did not transcend beyond a cult audience, even if it is a very good movie with Tom Hardy shining.

This September 9, 2021, it will be ten years since its premiere. Between that initial moment and today, the difference cannot be greater. Mixed Martial Arts is a discipline mainstream that attracts friends and strangers. It is practiced in different spaces and is consumed through several more. Even after the sports break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was one of the first sports to offer shows. Of them, the most famous is UFC. In that tournament, according to the specialized journalist Ennio Fereira, the legend of Conor McGregor was born. With him the boom of that discipline on which it is based Warrior.

However, despite its quality, the film went unnoticed in the main awards except. Except for one of its actors, Nick Nolte. His performance represented him different nominations, although he only took that of the Critics’ Society. Nolte embodied, in his own way, the entire cast that gave meaning to the production. Even the onboard pro fighters delivered on the plot, regardless of whether they had little to no acting knowledge. One of the achievements of Warrior is that, without having to be a documentary film, everything in it seems real.

Warrior, antes del boom MMA

Gavin O’Connor, remembered for Miracle (2004), developed, together with Cliff Dorfman and Anthony Tambakis, an entertaining, emotional script that, in its own way, pays tribute to old figures of Mixed Martial Arts and some other combat sport off the traditional radar. Within it are athletes such as Kurt Angle and Nate Marquardt, icons and competitive athletes in different modalities. Despite the fact that this may be attractive for the public to know, it brings a degree of verisimilitude that not all sports-inspired films tend to handle in a good way.

On Warrior athletes are paired with a handful of notable actors, led by the aforementioned Nolte, Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton y Jennifer Morrison. Hardy, perhaps the most recognized among those cited by the general public, had already done Bronson (2008) e Inception (2010), perhaps the highest grossing productions at that stage of his career. Within that range of films, Warrior is presented as a violent film without becoming an action production. It is valid to suspect that his role as a figure capable of handling different registers was born in Band of Brothers (2001) and confirmed through Warrior, ten years later.

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What if it had been released years later?