What does the trailer tell us?

Only two days have passed since the publication of the first trailer of Matrix Resurrections, the new installment of the mythical saga that, almost two decades after its last release in theaters, Matrix Revolutions, has generated enormous expectations and also many doubts among all who, at some point in these more than 20 years between the premiere of the first part and now, have enjoyed the adventures of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and company.

During these months we have heard all kinds of conjectures that were supported by leaks and others. In principle they were related, above all, to the presence and absence of actors from the classic trilogy. The trailer has shown us what we expected, that is, that in Matrix Resurrections we will have Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss in the roles of Neo / Thomas Anderson and Trinity, but we will not see either Laurence Fishburne or Hugo Weaving playing Morpheus. and Agent Smith, respectively. Although we have not seen her in the trailer, Jada Pinkett Smith is also expected, repeating in the character of Niobe.

Neil Patrick Harris, the therapist with the blue clothes and glasses, who prescribes blue pills to Mr. Anderson. Other machine software to suppress Neo for as long as it takes? Image: Warner Bros.

Regarding new characters, although perhaps this should be quoted, the first trailer of Matrix Resurrections shows us as soon as we start Neil Patrick Harris, as the therapist with whom Neo, in the role of Anderson, is visiting. His first sentence is, remember, “I have had dreams that are not just dreams”, which is accompanied by a rapid flurry of visions of precisely those dreams, images that should be analyzed in detail, as they provide a lot of information.

But before even that, the Matrix Resurrections trailer opens with a 3D image of what looks like a San Francisco street. Its appearance is clearly unreal, it is obvious that it is not a real image. We can think that this is the result of the rush to make the trailer, but in another reading, also connects us with the clearly unreal image of the end of Matrix Revolutions, the colored sky designed by Sati in homage to Neo. We also see an obvious change in color, which is warmer than what we were used to seeing in the original trilogy.

Matrix Resurrections: what does the trailer tell us?

Neo, with damaged eyes, is reconnected to the Matrix after his fight with Agent Smith, at the end of Matrix Revolution. Image: Warner Bros.

But let’s go back to the meeting with the therapist (and the black cat, another classic reference in the saga). What do we see Neo remember in our first contact with the Matrix Resurrections?

  • Neo sees the Matrix code on a street he walks down.
  • A coded person who shoots Neo, who is able to catch the bullet with his hand.
  • Neo, adult and with damaged eyes (as he ended up in Matrix Revolutions), being reconnected to the Matrix by the machines.
  • Morpheus in a shootout.
  • Two hands that, when joined, generate a white light.
  • A replica of the first Matrix scene, with Trinity on her back, in what appears to be an attempted arrest.
  • Neo disconnecting, again, from the Matrix.
  • And from there the trailer for Matrix Resurrections returns to Neil Patrick Harris’ consultation.

In recent days, following the Matrix Resurrections synopsis published by Warner Bros It has been speculated that this movie starts from the point where the first one left off., therefore excluding from the canon both what happened in Reloaded and Revolutions and, eventually, also part of what they told us in The Animatrix, such as the story of Osiris and Kid’s Story, which link to the plot of the second and third installments .

Matrix Resurrections: Continuation of Revolutions or new canon?

I’m not saying it’s not possible, but the image of Neo with damaged eyes being reconnected to the Matrix makes me think that it won’t be like that, that everything produced so far will remain canon. And if I’m not mistaken, the Matrix Resurrections will place us in the year 2899, near the end of the seventh version of The Matrix., as a consequence of the systemic anomaly that the Architect explained so profusely to Neo in the second installment of the saga.

Some elements of the trailer could make us think that Matrix Resurrections will emulate the story of the first film: The young woman with the white rabbit tattooed on her shoulder, Morpheus offering Neo the red pill, the fight between the two in the dojo … However there are some nuances that I think can make a difference and that they indicate to us that it is not like that.

Matrix Resurrections: what does the trailer tell us?

Follow the white rabbit … drawn in blue, and tattooed on a young girl with blue hair. Probably one of the most attractive dissonances in the trailer. Image: Warner Bros.

For instance, the girl with the white rabbit, played by Jessica Henwick has blue hair. An unimportant detail? Maybe yes, or maybe not, just like the color of Neil Patrick Harris’s glasses and clothes, also blue. Like the pills that the therapist prescribes Neo, and we don’t know how long he’s been taking, but we see that they are very present in his life. Blue, we already know, is associated with permanence in the Matrix, with continuity. Is it really a coincidence that her hair is blue that doesn’t mean anything? It is hard to believe it. I see a lot of blue in Matrix Resurrections, and I think there is a reason.

Thomas Anderson’s life in The Matrix Resurrections seems a lot more comfortable than in The Matrix, which invites us to think that, when he fHe was reintroduced, after fighting Smith at the end of Revolutions and being knocked unconscious in Zero One, the city of machines, The seventh version of the Matrix was launched and he was introduced to it, from which time he has been controlled by various elements of the system (such as the therapist) to keep him ignorant and appeased.

Matrix Resurrections: what does the trailer tell us?

Trinity unfolding as an agent? Or maybe like the Chosen One? Image: Warner Bros.

And what about Morpheus? And with Trinity? The first died in The Matrix Online, the early-century MMO, and the second died in Revolutions, when piloting Niobe’s ship she had to perform an evasive maneuver, which led her to see the real sky for the first time in her life. , then fall again and collide. How is it possible that they are back in the Matrix Resurrections? It doesn’t seem casual, after all, that his last name is Resurreciones, does it?

In one of the shots in which Neo and Trinity appear together, we can see how part of their hair is code from the Matrix. Maybe in Matrix Resurrections Trinity is just software? It would make sense to think about it, even more so when, later in the trailer, we intuit that she has powers that we never saw in her. However, and also in the trailer, we see images of how she is disconnected from the Matrix. Could it be a flashback? I can’t deny it, but I would be quite surprised. Maybe she wasn’t dead? Or was it cloned by the machine? Do youAnd if in this seventh version of Matrix Neo it is important, but is it in Trinity who falls the role of “The Chosen One”? It could be very interesting.

Matrix Resurrections: what does the trailer tell us?

Is the character played by Privanka Chopra Jones the adult version of Sati and the new Oracle? I hope so. Image: Warner Bros.

Be that as it may, Neo seems to be living Anderson’s life, but it seems that a series of encounters are going to trigger him to remember who he is. Besides, of course, Trinity and Neo, and the enigmatic character starring Jessica Henwick, there is a quick but very interesting appearance. I mean the character played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is hard not to associate with Sati, the protégé of the Oracle, and that in Matrix Resurrections could play the Oracle or an evolution of the same. Let us remember that Sati was the first software without a defined function, born simply of the desire of its parents, whom Neo meets in the limbo of the Matrix.

Regarding Morpheus, in Matrix Resurrections we see a younger version of himself played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and It seems that this time, in this version of the Matrix, we will witness his own epiphany, as we are shown how his reaction to the mirrors is similar to Neo’s in the Matrix, after taking the red pill. However, and although we live this process, it will undoubtedly be prior to Neo’s, since we see how, once again, Morpheus is responsible for making him choose between the red and the blue pill.

Matrix Resurrections: what does the trailer tell us?

Neo, Morpheus and the red pill. This is how it all began … and so it begins again? Image: Warner Bros.

So it seems that in Matrix Resurrections we will see Neo, Trinity and Morpheus carry out their travels (Hence their resurrections?) To go back to being who they were at the end of the sixth version of the Matrix. The big question is, what triggers them? This is where Jessica Henwick’s character could be the key. We already know that the prophecy was an invention of the architect to manage the “reboots” of the Matrix, will we see how it is the machine itself that activates the whole process? And how can the architect be justified in not keeping his word to the Oracle? Will we know what happened to Zion between the sixth and seventh versions of the Matrix?

The only thing I have not been able to find any explanation for in the Matrix Resurrections trailer is the reason why Neo has a rubber duck on his head when he is taking a bath. But since I have a special sympathy for rubber ducks, I take it as a simple humorous license that, amid so much tension as the film awaits us, I think it will be something to be thankful for.

What do you think? What conclusions have you reached after watching the first trailer for Matrix Resurrections? Are you planning to go see it (I certainly do, the same day of the premiere if possible)? What are your expectations?

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What does the trailer tell us?