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Hugh Grant He is one of the best known faces in the world of cinema, and that is due to his great performances. Despite the fact that he has an enviable filmography, his career has had small highlights that have led him to hit rock bottom.

The British actor had a good childhood, like his adolescence, he had the foundations to become a star, and a talent scout saw him while he was acting in ‘Privileged’, in 1982. An agreement that Hugh was quick to accept to pay for his art studies at the University of London.

And it is that fame came quickly to his door. In 1994, Hugh Grant thought it was a good idea to audition for a role in ‘Four weddings and a funeral ‘. A film that was committed to diversity, and for which he sent a home recording where he was seen as best man at his brother’s wedding, something that convinced the directors.

Stardom assailed him, and with it numerous awards such as the BAFTA or the Balloon Oro, among others. He became the perfect romantic hero. A shy and clumsy boy who conquered the hearts of thousands of followers for other plots such as ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Love Actually’, among other.

The most notorious sex scandal of the 90s

But in his long career, not everything was lights, and his image was affected after starring in one of the most notorious film sex scandals. Hugh Grant was in Los Angeles to promote the film ‘Nine months’, in 1995, and one night he took a ride in his car, hiring the services of a prostitute, Divine Brown.

That night did not end very well, well the police interrupted them in the act when they saw strange movements in the vehicle. Both were arrested, and the images of the two implicated in their arrest have gone down in history.

This event did not like anything to the producers of the film, and that is why they launched a campaign of image wash, projecting his innocent English personality to gain the forgiveness of the general public. Besides, at that time he had a girlfriend, and it was Elizabeth Hurley, whom he met in ‘Remando al viento’ (1987). Despite their scandal, they remained together until 2001.

It has not been his only relationship, as he was also paired with the journalist Jemina Khan, and they point out that he had two romances, with Sandra Bullock and with Drew Barrymore, but none of them were confirmed.


Image of Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock.REUTERS

Despite his relationships, the actor did not believe in marriage: “I am not really a believer in marriage”, as he told ‘People’ magazine in 2015. “I have seen very few good examples, maybe five in my I think it’s a recipe for mutual misery. “

He also did not believe in fatherhood, until at the age of 50 he decided to have children. “I don’t particularly like babies. I don’t worry about them for about four minutes. That’s my maximum. After that, I can’t see what everyone cares about,” he confessed previously.

He had five children with two mothers. The first of them was the actress and former Miss Hong Kong, Tinglan Hong, with whom he had two little ones, Tabitha and Felix. But, while he was with her, the actor also had another relationship with the producer Anna Eberstein, with whom he had three other children.

Relationships of which it is not known if there was a situation of infidelity, bigamy, or that it was simply an open relationship. On 2018, after the birth of their last child with Anna Eberstein, they decided to get married, when this one had 57 years.

What are you doing today?

Hugh Grant’s life is now calmer, he dedicates himself body and soul to his family, and works from time to time in some movie roles: “With everything I did I am satisfied. From time to time something catches my attention, but if not, I’m fine. I do not want to continue acting, “he confessed in 2012 to the magazine ‘OK!’.

At the moment, the actor is planning to become the main villain of the film adaptation of the role-playing game. Dragons and dungeons’, which they prepare from Paramount studios, and where he will coincide with the star of ‘The Bridgertons’, Regé-Jean Page.

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What became of Hugh Grant: the actor who risked his career for a sex scandal | Tikitakas