‘Thunder Force’: Octavia Spencer’s fear of wearing the suit in the Netflix movie – Movie News

‘Fuerza Thunder’ has become unstoppable by quickly becoming the most watched movie on Netflix Mexico, so we will tell you how Oscar winner Octavia Spencer was really terrified of wearing a superhero costume.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of each superhero is undoubtedly their costume that not only gives them identity, but also reflects their skills, personality and attracts thousands of fans. This is also part of Fuerza Trueno, a film written and directed by Ben Falcone (Superintelligence), which has become unstoppable by quickly becoming the most viewed content on Netflix Mexico, therefore we will tell you how the Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer, she was really terrified to wear one of these outfits together with her friend and co-star, Melissa McCarthy.

It all started as a little dream that was hidden for years, as the protagonist of The Witches and Hidden Talents mentioned in an interview with Screen Rant: “I don’t think the superhero genre is customary for many of the actors. It’s a small world and I always wanted to play a superhero. That was a dream that I kept because who would write it? And then comes my dear friend, Ben Falcone, who made the most amazing superhero character. “

However, for practical purposes, an extremely tight-fitting suit with plastic parts and in dark tones that should be worn for hours while filming takes place does not always seem like a good idea; That’s how the 50-year-old actress confessed her dismay on The Graham Norton Show.

I loved the costumes, but I was terrified. I was worried because I suffer from a lot of heat. So the idea of ​​wearing a supersuit made me think it would be very uncomfortable.

At first Octavia Spencer thought that the suits would be a headache because they were uncomfortable, but found that the opposite was true.


Octavia Spencer’s great fortune did not come from nowhere and it was all thanks to the design of the costumes by the costume department led by Carol Ramsey, as Melissa McCarthy confirmed to the AP agency: “Every detail in the making is different, every part of the suit is made for a reason and when I put it on, I swear I understood why every superhero does the same pose with his hands on his hips, I felt like I was ready for anything .. . “

You feel so empowered wearing the suit.

Octavia Spencer and Ben Falcone chatting between takes.

The sensuality behind the uniforms was a key piece to convince the also protagonist of La forma del agua and La cabaña. Once they were shooting the famous scene where they face the camera and recreate the superhero pose, that’s when he really got it: “To be honest I thought, ‘Wow, we look sexy.’ They did an amazing job with the suits, I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were, I really don’t understand the magic they did, but I felt wonderful, strong and unstoppable.”

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Both Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer said the costumes made them feel empowered and wonderful about themselves.

Right now Thunder Force tops the list of the most viewed content on Netflix Mexico thanks to its irreverent superhero story, one far removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DCEU. We should also mention that he has been able to divide opinions, What is a fact is the popularity of the film, especially when knowing these secrets behind the costumes that Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy used.

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‘Thunder Force’: Octavia Spencer’s fear of wearing the suit in the Netflix movie – Movie News