‘This Is Better Than I Remember’

When the world first slowed down in March 2020 due to COVID-19, the Contagion movie resurfaced in the public’s consciousness. People were trying to understand what was happening, and many found parallels between the crisis in the film and what was going on in real life. Matt Damon also rediscovered the movie as he and his family hunkered down during quarantine.

Matt Damon | Rocco Spaziani / Spaziani Archive / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

‘Contagion’ caught Matt Damon’s attention too

In a new interview with GQ, Damon discussed his friendship with Ben Affleck, his upcoming film The Last Duel, and his quarantine experience abroad. While many stayed at home, Damon and his family were onsite at a filming location and spent lockdown between Ireland and Australia. During the early weeks of the pandemic in 2020, he too turned on the TV and reacquainted himself with Contagion.

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‘This Is Better Than I Remember’