There are seven Kingsman movies in development

Daniel Craig may be on his way out of the super spy world with No Time to Die, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see more of the British and the Secret Service. A new report has revealed that seven Kingsman movies are in development: The Secret Service – 74%, the success that put Taron Egerton on the map and that he seeks to develop the franchise to a new and important level. What are they going to be about? We will tell you everything you know right away.

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In an interview with Deadline, Zygi Kamasa, the president of Marv Grupo, explained that fans of Kingsman you can expect seven films in the saga. It is the senior manager of the studio that has the rights to the franchise. Even despite the poor response at the box office and with the criticism that Kingsman: The Golden Circle got – 51%, have not lost hope that this series of films can be a gold mine and they are definitely not going to be left without trying.

This is what he had to say when asked about plans for more movies:

There are something like seven more Kingsman movies. We want to grow the business and the ways we present it. We have a Kingsman television series on the way and there are two or three other franchises that are being developed within the world of Kingsman.

In case you don’t remember, the original movie would see Eggsy (Egerton), a kind of hooligan being reformed by the member of a secret British intelligence organization. The first film told how they had to stop a tycoon, played by Samuel L. Jackson, from using cellular technology to control the minds of users. Something like the worst nightmare of the 5G network of Paty Navidad.

The first tape was a success. The critics found a good balance between the action, the construction of characters and the more explicit and remote tone of the family adventures of the Avengers or the pretense of DC. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who had already been successful in the past in such installments as Kick-Ass: A Superhero without Superpowers – 76%. Until that moment, everything indicated that the saga would be promising, but then the sequel happened.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle failed to surprise. The sequel revealed the homologous organization to the secret service but in the United States. Despite a stellar cast that included actors such as Pedro Pascal and Julianne Moore, the film disappointed at the box office. Despite this, the combined numbers of both films amount to US $ 852 million worldwide, so it is not surprising that there is still hope for their future.

The next step for the saga will be taken in a new direction. This year we were going to see King’s Man: The Origin, the prequel and spin off of those first two films. This new installment was going to narrate the origin of the secret service. However, Disney’s acquisition of Fox and then the pandemic have forced the studio to reschedule. This movie will be set at the beginning of the last century. Its protagonist will be the actor Ralph Fiennes.

King’s Man: El Origen It will arrive, if the health emergency allows it, in theaters this February 21 and is also directed by Vaughn. Details about the plot of the television series, which had been announced several months ago, are not yet revealed. Neither have they been for approximately seven, films that are supposedly in development. Although it remains to be seen if the prequel manages to revive the fury for the saga or, on the contrary, puts the last nail in his coffin.

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There are seven Kingsman movies in development