‘The son’, by Florian Zeller, arrives at the Flumen theater for its national premiere

The Valencian company Saga Producciones stages the text on adolescent depression, which will star Hugh Jackman in its film version.

Jose Saiz and Dani Saiz in a promotional image of the work.

After an overwhelming critical and public success at the Champs Elysees Theater in Paris and the West End of London, Saga Producciones is adapting for the first time in Spain ‘El hijo’, whose national premiere will take place on September 30 at the Teatro Flumen from Valencia. It is, therefore, a first-rate cultural event, as it is the first completely Valencian production of a work by Zeller and the presentation, for the first time, of one of the most powerful, intelligent and humane texts in all of contemporary theater.

Nicolás is a seventeen-year-old young man who is going through a difficult phase after his parents’ divorce. He is irascible and apathetic, skips class, and lies continuously. He decides to leave his mother’s house to live with his father, his wife and the son they have in common. However, the insurmountable barrier that he seems to have placed between himself and others will cause a series of disagreements and tensions that will complicate coexistence to unsustainable limits … Will Nicolás find someone who can understand the root of his problem? Will he be able to understand it himself?

After winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as another for its protagonist, Anthony Hopkins, for the film adaptation of his work ‘The Father’, the name of Florian Zeller has achieved the fame and reputation among the general public that, previously, had already gotten among critics and theatergoers.

‘The father’, which Héctor Alterio starred on the Spanish stages, was the second title in a trilogy that began with ‘The mother’ and that culminates brilliantly with ‘The son’, his latest stage success, of which he himself Zeller is also preparing the film version, starring Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern.

In the words of Florian Zeller himself: “Faced with a situation like the depression of an adolescent son, the terrible experience of parents is due precisely to the fact that there are questions that have no answers. However, there is nothing more painful than seeing a loved one suffer without being able to help him … Through this work, we approach that moment in which something is torn: the child we have helped to grow stops being the one we know to become an autonomous and disturbing being that eludes us. This work tells the story of a father who tries to save his son, and of a son who does not know who can save him (…) ”.

For Jose Saiz, producer, director and protagonist of the play, co-starring in the play with his son, Dani Saiz, is also an important emotional effort, since “getting into the shoes of a father who is experiencing this problem with His son, your own son being the one in front of you on stage, transmitting all the vital anguish of a boy of his generation in the face of an extreme situation, raises the inevitable question of how you would react if he were, really, in that situation. situation. And that can reinforce your interpretation, but also end up exposing too much your vulnerability as a person ”.

Jose Saiz and Dani Saiz lead the cast of this production, an entirely Valencian artistic, creative and technical team, which is completed by Estela Muñoz, María Ruíz and Juanan Lucena.

The premiere of ‘The Son’ is a start to real luxury for the new season of the Flumen Theater. A season that promises many surprises due, among other factors, to a renewed approach to its programming, with first-rate productions that will surprise by their innovation and their outlook on ever wider audiences.

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‘The son’, by Florian Zeller, arrives at the Flumen theater for its national premiere