The Met Gala – The Story Behind Celebrity Styling

Analyzing the carpet at the Gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is not a matter of “tastes” or a simple opinion of “I like” or “I do not like”, this staging is one of the most complex to make judgments and value them since it brings with it an established dress code; and not a simple one, a theme that to understand it must be entered into a historical, cultural and sociological context. This edition was ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’.

Jennifer Lopez

My big favorite of the night in an “American cowboy” aesthetic, details cared to perfection, impeccable styling and totally attached to the theme. A design by Ralph Lauren, an icon in American fashion.

Eiza Gonzalez

Attached to the Glam aesthetic of old Hollywood in a patriotic tone, modernizing the style with asymmetries and visual games, totally successful for the theme of the gala.

Barbie Ferreira

Is there anything more American than the Charleston? Evoking the 20s in a seductive design with the classic movement of this dance but this time embodied in pearls, super themed!

Kim Petras

Interesting hairstyle proposal, the print of the dress evokes that “homey” feeling of the southern United States, however, the “accessory” placed in front seems literal and unnecessary in the look.

Jeremy O. Harris

USA is diversity, and in this theme the opportunity was given to demonstrate it, here a look more associated with the “African American Ghetto”, the accessories gave the final touch: a bright colored coat, braided hairstyle and of course, the cigarette could not be missing.


A look inspired by American football with a more glam twist on metallic textile with a bright color, every detail taken care of and in harmony: the bag is a remarkable element that adds a lot to the final look, another hairstyle would have given the opportunity to display better the back

Emily Blunt

Many of the “current divas” inspired their look in the divas of old Hollywood, this interesting proposal bases its design on a classic graphic icon of American culture “The stars” an interesting game of textures that mix transparencies, metallic fringes and many diamonds spectacular!

Storm Reid

Unnecessary, in bad taste, far from the theme, sometimes it is better to wear a neutral outfit, and avoid falling into the uninteresting.

Simone Biles

Excessive visual information, unflattering details for your silhouette (very high neck, very long earrings, unnecessary volume in the hairstyle) and the rest … it is appreciated

Lee Chae-rin

Here is an excellent example of what the MET is about this year; a characteristic silhouette of Japanese kimonos in denim textile (which despite having its beginnings in France, became popular in the United States after the cold war).

Kendall Jenner

Another inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood in an eternal muse Audrey Hepburn carried to the current carpet, the most interesting thing about this look is that it continues to maintain the style of Kendall and is governed by the dress code.

Lupita Nyong’o

Another proposal in denim (commonly associated with the denim aesthetic originally from the USA) this time stylized in a more glam way in ultra-feminine silhouettes and harmonized with brilliants, I would have loved to see this proposal contrasted with white, it would have brought more light to her skin.

Camila Cabello

A very seen aesthetic during the carpet was the disco style, emblematic of the 70s in the clubs of New York. Remember Studio 54? Glamor, debauchery, jewels and a lot of shine, here we see them in a shade of purple with a general beauty characteristic of the time.

Lourdes Leon

Again we see inspiration in the fashion icons that marked times; Lola, Madonna’s daughter clearly evokes Cher, in a pink look with crystallized details, is Cher a symbol of the USA? Fashion? Of course, impossible to recall the 60-70-80 without mentioning it.


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The Met Gala – The Story Behind Celebrity Styling