The Marvel and DC calendar

The genre that raises the most money throughout the year nor is not dead at all. You just have to look at the calendar of superhero premieres that will be from October to May 2022 Ready to save the world once a month?

“Venom: There Will Be Carnage” (October 15, 2021)

Delayed its premiere at the last minute Due to the fear of the delta variant, in the United States it overtook it again after the good results of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. At the moment in Spain we will have to wait until the initially rescheduled date, to see the confrontation between the two symbiotes played by Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson.

“The Eternals” (November 5, 2021)

The new super group of heroes is surely one of the most anticipated Marvel movies. The immortals they could have easily defeated Thanos, but they received orders not to interfere in any conflict unless they were faced with the Deviants, their historical rivals Who limits these heroes? Who is the true villain of the eternal defenders of the earth?

“Spider-man: No way home” (December 17-2021)

Recently the first trailer came out and more than clearing up doubts, it generated many more. No sign of Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire, however fans do not stop believing no matter how many negatives the two actors offer. It is one of the most anticipated superhero premieres, since it has a certain air of being the farewell of tom holland (ends contract with Sony Pictures) as spider-man.

“Morbius” (January 21, 2022)

The film that has been delayed the most due to the pandemic. Jared Leto leave the world of Dc as Joker to indulge in the role of the vampire villain Morbius from the Spider-man Universe. You won’t be the only villain Sony Pictures adapts since a few months ago the production of a film about Kraven the hunter, starring Aaron Taylor Johnson.

“The Batman” (4 de marzo-2022)

Robert pattinson he can’t get strong to play the batman, but he doesn’t need to, because this Dark Knight is the true “revenge”. In March we will be able to enjoy what, from its trailer, looks like a very dark thriller. The return to Gotham is one of the most different and personal superhero premieresThanks in part to the hand of its director Matt Reeves.

“Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness” (March 25, 2022)

“Doctor Strange in a promotional poster for” Avengers Endgame “(Marvel / Disney)

Elisabeth Olsen (Wandavision) already mentioned that Marvel’s Warlock sequel would be meaningless without her character as Wanda. From this statement, we know that the Disney Plus series will be important in understanding the impact of the events that will take place in Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” (6 de mayo-2022)

Being the one is further from being released it is the one with the least information to display. We know that funny cameos like Matt Damon’s are repeated or that Natalie Portman to become Migthy Thor, being able to wield again the hammer Mjolnir.

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The Marvel and DC calendar