The cry of Drew Barrymore when visiting the psychiatric clinic where she was admitted at the age of 13


In February of this year, Drew Barrymore was encouraged to tell some details of when she was admitted to a neuropsychiatric hospital at the age of 13, after he began to manifest some behavioral “problems”. “I had problems and too many resources“Said the actress at the time. “I went to nightclubs and skipped school, stole my mother’s car … It was out of control,” he explained before confessing that he also tried to commit suicide.

In the first chapter of the second season of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress, who currently lives in New York, travels to Los Angeles to visit the institution where he spent 18 months of his life.

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Throughout the episode, Barrymore claims that the experience made her the woman she is today. “I was a rebellious girl, but really; And suddenly I started to get out of control. Nobody knew what to do with me ”Acknowledges through tears the woman, now 46 years old. “They brought me here in the middle of the night and they took me through those two doors. When you go through those two doors, you don’t come out again. I was there for a year and a half ”, he says.

In the past, the protagonist of Charlie’s Angels She had said that there were times when they took her to a padded room, so she wouldn’t hurt herself, or they tied her to a stretcher.

“I think it’s important for me to share all this with people, because when they see the show what they see is a beautiful studio and me wearing divine clothes, with my perfect hair and a lot of makeup. There is elegance in the show ”, he reflects. But I will never lose sight of this part of my story. I’ve seen and been through things, and all of that helped me recognize that all people have gone through something strong in their lives. ”, He assures.

Years later, Barrymore learned not to be ashamed of what he had to experience. “It can’t be embarrassing; It has to be our strength, and it has to be something we have to be proud of, because we get through it. We must look back with honor and humor”, He expresses in the video.

In early 2021, the institution that runs the Southern California mental hospital revealed to People magazine that Nuys Psychiatric Hospital for Adolescents no longer exists.

“Life is so wonderful when compared to what it was when she was in this place,” says Barrymore, who also says that returning to the clinic after so long helped her empower herself, since she could see how far she has come and be proud of that. “I can’t even believe that I am where I am today, because when I came here I couldn’t see this future. I thought I was going to stay forever“, recognize.

“I never thought I was going to get to a better place, and today I am so happy with my life that I don’t know if I could have done it if it weren’t for a place like this. That’s why I know it was very important to come back today and honor all of this, ”he says.

Granddaughter of the prestigious actor John Barrymore, she knew fame and its excesses from a young age. The star had her first role at 9 months in a commercial for dog food, and at 7, thanks to her role in ET: The alien, directed by Steven Spielberg, his godfather, he became the brightest star in the film industry. At 9 years old he had already smoked his first cigarette and at 12 he drank beer, champagne and used cocaine while spending his nights in nightclubs like Studio 54, where he danced on the tables while Jack Nicholson and Madonna socialized.

All the teachings that her life left her are replicated in her motherhood. Mother of Olive, 8, and Frankie, 7, the result of her relationship with Will Kopelman, from whom she separated in 2016, Barrymore says she wants to set an example for her daughters: “I don’t lie to my daughters. I had to find my way to get where I am. So yes, I have lived different lives and they are the most important thing to me today. They have inspired me to be a better person and I thank them every day of my life ”.

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The cry of Drew Barrymore when visiting the psychiatric clinic where she was admitted at the age of 13