The cast of season 2 of “The Morning Show” includes a new co-host for Bradley.

Season 1 of Morning program It revolves around changing the casting. Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) replaces Mitch (Steve Carell) as Alex’s (Jennifer Aniston) co-host on a network morning show after Mitch is accused of sexual harassment. When season 2 premieres on September 17, at least part of the plot will sound familiar: Alex isn’t behind the announcer’s desk this time. After hijacking the show to draw misconduct from his own live network in the season one finale, he took refuge in his country home to write a memoir.

But the show must go on. He takes his place to deliver a strange mix of hard news and embarrassing ideas required by the morning show Eric Nomani, played by series newcomer Hassan Minhaj. And Minhaj won’t just be a new face in front of the camera or on the network’s C set when the prestigious AppleTV + drama returns this fall.

Eric Nomani, played by Hassan Minhaj

When Alex leaves the show, Eric is drafted into his chair, but his ambition is not limited to the morning news. Minhaj Brings Character Personal Experience: Hosts Weekly Comedy News Show Patriot Act con Hassan Minhaj After leaving his senior reporter position at daily supply.

Laura Peterson, played by Juliana Margulies

the Good wife The boy joins the cast Morning program Like Laura, a competing journalist within the UBA family. In the season 2 trailer, it is revealed that he is making a trailer about Alex, who questions his integrity.

Sybil Richards, interpretada por Holland Taylor

Taylor joins the cast as Cybil Richards, the acid-tongued UBA president and worthy opponent of Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison as the network discusses how to save its high-profile morning show from its own bad press.

Stella Buck, played by Greta Lee

Lee plays a technical refugee who joins Cory Ellison’s executive team. She is not shit and is hell-bent on making changes to the network, which is failing after the publicity surrounding Hannah’s death in season one. Russian doll.

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T Fitzgerald, played by Rory O’Connor

Ty is another new on-screen appearance on the show within the show: YouTube star turned reporter. He was played by Irish actor Rory O’Connor, who played Henry VIII in both seasons. Spanish princess and Starz.

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Paola Lambrocini, interpreted by Valeria Golino

Mitch may no longer be a UBA employee, but he’s still a part of it Morning program. In season two, he hides from the headlines of bad news in Italy, where he befriends a documentary filmmaker named Paola who, unlike most of the people he meets there, doesn’t consider him completely irreparable. Golino previously played The Countess in Image of a woman on fire.

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Gail Berman, interpretation of Lt. Tara Karcian

Gayle is Bradley’s producer on the opening morning show for the second season. Although, in the trailer, he looks more like his own boxing coach, urging her to get into the ring: “Don’t forget this is your show,” he tells her.

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The cast of season 2 of “The Morning Show” includes a new co-host for Bradley.