The best roles of Anton Yelchin, in memory of a star

Born in 1989 in Saint Petersburg, Anton Yelchin knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to the world of acting from a very young age, and for a sample are his first steps as a secondary in series such as ‘Emergencies’ or ‘Without a trace’.

After being brought before the cameras for the first time in 2000, It only took a year for the actor to find his first leading role. The title in question was ‘Heaven can’t wait’, family title in the key of fantastic comedy directed by Nick Castle, where he shared the limelight with Bridget Fonda and Albert Finney.

That same year he became part of the casting of ’15 minutes’, the John Herzfeld thriller starring Robert De Niro and Edward Burns. This was how the public began to become familiar with the face of a teenage Yelchin.

Shooting Star

With a career of unstoppable ascent, In sixteen years Anton Yelchin shot 40 films and participated in 18 products for television (including series and telefilms), among which are his appearances in ‘Huff’, ‘Law and order’, ‘Criminal minds’ or Trollhunters’, where he lent his voice as the character of Jim Lake Jr.

In memory of Anton Yelchin

1 ‘The hour of the spider’
'The hour of the spider'

A year after his acting debut, a 12-year-old Anton Yelchin joined the cast of ‘Spider’s Hour’, the second adaptation of James Patterson’s novels about the adventures of Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman ), a renowned forensic psychologist who will have to solve the case of the kidnapping of the daughter of a United States senator.

Behind this kidnapping lies the villain’s real plan: to kidnap Dimitri Starodubov, the son of the President of Russia, who was played by Yelchin.

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2 ‘Hearts in Atlantis’

3 ‘Minor offences’
'Minor offences'

In 2004 David Duchovny made his directorial debut with ‘Minor Crimes’, a drama with a script written by the director himself in which Robin Williams, Téa Leoni and Frank Langella were also present.

In it, Anton Yelchin played Tommy Warshaw, a young man who is friendly with Pappass (Williams), the high school janitor with the mental age of a child. Delving into the reason for his imbalance, we will discover the relationship that he had in his day with a prisoner of the New York prison for women, in a title with all of the law to become a clear example of coming-of-age , and to which the public and critics turned their backs at the time.

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4 ‘Alpha Dog’
'Alpha Dog'

Based on real events, ‘Alpha Dog’, Nick Cassavetes’ fifth feature film, premiered in 2006.

In the film, Anton Yelchin played Zack Mazursky, the brother of a drug dealer who is kidnapped by two traffickers, in a case that shocked public opinion in 2000. In the stellar cast, Yelchin shared the limelight with Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Ben Foster, Bruce Willis, Amanda Seyfried, Sharon Stone, Amber Heard, Olivia Wilde, Lukas Haas, and Harry Dean Stanton, among others.

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8 ‘Scary night’
'Scary night'

Taking the witness of William Ragsdale, in 2011 Anton Yelchin happened to be the new Charley Brewster, the protagonist of ‘Scary Night’.

In this failed remake of the 1985 cult classic of the same name, Yelchin’s character will not only have to deal with typical teenage problems, but will have to make everyone believe him when he discovers that his new neighbor, Jerry (Colin Farrell) is a vampire who has come to the neighborhood in order to turn the place into his new hunting ground.

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9 ‘Only lovers survive’

11 ‘Green Room’
'Green Room'

After ‘Blue Ruin’, Jeremy Saulnier presented in 2015 one of the most shocking survivals of recent years: ‘Green Room’.

In it, Anton Yelchin was Pat, one of the members of the punk band who, after having witnessed a crime in the place where they have performed, must fight for their lives facing the ruthless neo-Nazi gang that owns the place, led by the implacable Darcy (Patrick Stewart).

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12 ‘Porto’

Being one of his last works as an actor, Anton Yelchin in ‘Porto’ is something that moves much more than this romantic drama does.

Directed by Gabe Klinger, the film takes us through the paths of passion and excessive love to learn in depth the story of Jake Kleeman (Yelchin) and Mati Vargnier (Lucie Lucas), two young people who met one night in Porto in which a torrid relationship began whose secrets will be revealed through memories.

Porto in eCartelera

Having worked under the orders of directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Nick Cassavetes or Gabe Klinger, throughout his brief (though intense) career Yelchin a profile associated with genre cinema was created, which corroborates his work with Joe Dante, Jeremy Saulnier or his participation in two mythical sagas of fantasy such as ‘Terminator’ (being John Connor’s father in ‘Terminator Salvation’) or ‘Star Trek’ in whose reboot orchestrated by JJ Abrams became the new Chekov.

Unfortunately, on June 19, 2016, the actor died at his home in California, the victim of a strange accident with his car that ended up imprisoning him against the security gate. With only 27 years he left us one of the rising stars of today’s Hollywood, whose most relevant roles we remember in this special that aims to pay tribute to him.


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The best roles of Anton Yelchin, in memory of a star