Sam Worthington: “I don’t read what they write about me”

Sam Worthington shot the sequel to ‘Clash of the Titans’ in Tenerife, which hits theaters tomorrow. :: EC The intensity in Sam Worthington’s gaze is reminiscent of his compatriot Mel Gibson, although his speech is more like that of another Australian, Russell Crowe. Both are direct, dry, without mincing words and found their place in … Read more

Exclusive Clip From ‘The Cabin’: Sam Worthington Meets Wisdom

Stuart Hazeldine, screenwriter and director of ‘Exam’, returns to feature films with ‘The Cabin’, a drama that promises to leave no one indifferent. After the kidnapping and alleged murder of her young daughter, a man is invited by God himself to meet him in a place called “the cabin”. After leaving your home and arriving … Read more

Sam Worthington admires Mexican culture

Sam Worthington revealed that he is a man concerned with playing roles that leave positive messages on viewers. ( The image of a sensually rough man, with a penetrating gaze and a powerful voice are physical characteristics by which a person can be identified. Sam Worthington, but more intimately, in his way of being and … Read more

Actor Sam Worthington on ‘Avatar 2’: “It will be something that has never been seen”

There is no doubt that James Cameron’s plan for the ‘Avatar’ saga will take a long, long time. The director, who is currently working on the scripts for the next films, plans to bring us the world of Pandora in a big way with a saga that is really difficult to forget. In ‘Avatar’ he … Read more