Brazil: worrying gold rush in the Amazon

Aerial view of illegal artisanal miners on the Madeira River, November 23, 2021. BRUNO KELLY / REUTERS Seen from the sky, it looks like a gigantic armada. By the hundreds, the wooden boats go up the Rio Madeira, aligned in an almost military formation and occupying the entire width of the river. The dredges, topped … Read more

Covid-19: the rate of transmission in Europe, especially in Germany, is “very worrying”, according to the WHO

Germany recorded an unprecedented number of new Covid-19 infections on Thursday, with 33,949 additional cases in twenty-four hours, according to the Robert-Koch health watch institute. STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS The World Health Organization (WHO) was alarmed, Thursday, November 4, of the pace “Very worrying” transmission of Covid-19 in Europe, which could lead to half a … Read more