Daniel Radcliffe leaves magic in the Miracle Workers series

In the first season of “Miracle Workers”, Steve Buscemi he played God, who had grown weary of the world and had made the decision to destroy it. Daniel Radcliffe and Geraldine Viswanathan They were two angels who had the confidence to be able to save humanity and they convinced their boss to give them the … Read more

The Tubacex committee will ask to include in the new ERTE the 129 workers of the annulled dismissal | Economy

This Sunday there will be 200 days of indefinite strike by the Tubacex staff. (Marisol RAMIREZ | FOKU) After the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country declared void the employment regulation file (ERE) that contemplated the dismissal of 129 workers from Tubacex, the management was forced to readmit them. But even so, the … Read more

Participant Media’s Roma campaign helps domestic workers

Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar-winning film Roma was more than just a movie. For many in real life who could relate to the main character, Cleo, an indigenous woman employed as a live-in domestic worker in Mexico, it was the first time their lives, their work, and their struggles were made visible. Roma came out in 2018, … Read more

Bella Thorne in OnlyFans: the controversy between the platform’s sex workers over the actress’s irruption

Mary-Ann Russon Business reporter, BBC News September 2, 2020 Image source, Getty Caption, Bella Thorne caused a stir for her foray into OnlyFans. Warning: this article contains content for adults. Actress Bella Thorne is the protagonist of a controversy over the sale for US $ 200 of supposed nudes that in reality were not. The … Read more

shows him human, in his last years

The world is a stage and men and women are mere actors, wrote William Shakespeare, unaware that his own life would be recreated by actors and actresses who remain fascinated by the power of his legacy. One of them is Kenneth Branagh, who has just premiered in Latin America Everything is true (All is True), … Read more

Warriors Arena Workers Lost Health Insurance Thanks To LeBron James

Getty Image LeBron James inadvertently caused dozens of concessions workers to lose their health insurance coverage after eliminating the Warriors from the playoffs with a clutch shot during a play-in game in May Workers at Golden State’s arena must work ten games a month in order to qualify for health care coverage and lost theirs … Read more