“Earthshot, repairing our planet”, on Discovery Channel: Prince William wants to “rewild” biodiversity

A gorilla, straight in the eye. EARTHSHOT STUDIOS/DISCOVERY/BBC DISCOVERY CHANNEL – MONDAY 13-FRIDAY 17 DECEMBER AT 7.50 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY SERIES It may be surprising to refer to the conquest of space as an incentive to take up the challenge of climate change. Prince William chose an excerpt from the famous speech by John F. … Read more

Second successful space flight for Blue Origin’s rocket, the first for William Shatner, Captain Kirk in “Star Trek”

Blue Origin’s rocket takes off in Texas on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. MIKE BLAKE / REUTERS For the second time, a Blue Origin rocket successfully flew into space with passengers on board, Wednesday, October 13, from Texas, United States. The experiment lasted only eleven minutes. American billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, participated in … Read more