Telehealth-delivered diet and exercise program eased knee pain and triggered weight loss

Journal Reference: Kim L. Bennell, Belinda J. Lawford, Catherine Keating, Courtney Brown, Jessica Kasza, Dave Mackenzie, Ben Metcalf, Alexander J. Kimp, Thorlene Egerton, Libby Spiers, Joseph Proietto, Priya Sumithran, Anthony Harris, Jonathan G. Quicke, Rana S. Hinman. Comparing Video-Based, Telehealth-Delivered Exercise and Weight Loss Programs With Online Education on Outcomes of Knee Osteoarthritis. Annals of … Read more

Forest fires linked to low birth weight in newborns

Journal Reference: Jiajianghui Li, Tianjia Guan, Qian Guo, Guannan Geng, Huiyu Wang, Fuyu Guo, Jiwei Li, Tao Xue. Exposure to landscape fire smoke reduced birthweight in low- and middle-income countries: findings from a siblings-matched case-control study. eLife, 2021; 10 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.69298 The study is the first to report a link between low birth weight and … Read more