Sanitary pass deactivated for lack of a booster dose from January 15: 10 questions to understand

Control of a health pass, in August 2021 in Paris, Gare de Lyon. ADRIENNE SURPRISING / AP After the beginning of the deactivations of the health pass for the over 65s who did not receive their booster dose in time, on December 15, it is the turn of the population aged 18 and over to … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Kuchta deserved a transfer. I don’t understand Karviná’s cleansing or plans –

Slavia made the biggest winter sale when she released Kuchta to Russia. He went through Teplice, Bohemka, Liberec and did not have the best references. Football has not come first for him for a long time. He was only compared by coach Hoftych in Liberec and the next part of the work was done by … Read more

What is happening in Kazakhstan? Understand everything in four questions

In front of the town hall of Almaty, Kazakhstan, January 5, 2022. YAN BLAGOV / AP The situation remains tense in Kazakhstan, where dozens of people, including twelve police officers, have been killed, and several thousand injured, in the riots that have rocked the country since Sunday, January 2, after a sharp rise in the … Read more

Gas in Europe: four questions to understand soaring prices and its consequences

Russia is preparing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on September 8, 2020. JENS BUETTNER / AP European gas prices have experienced a spectacular increase for several months, and the trend is not reversing. On the first day of winter, Tuesday, December 21, the prices of this fossil fuel broke records on … Read more

Understand the imbroglio around Francis Palombi, passed from provaccin to “repentant unvaccinated”

Francis Palombi’s call for vaccination, presented as a “repentant unvaccinated”, while he had always been publicly in favor, aroused incomprehension and suspicion. BFMTV (SCREENSHOT) After the false health passes, the false unvaccinated? This is the question that many suspicious Internet users may have asked themselves after the recent interview of a man recounting, on his … Read more

Health pass disabled for some people over 65: 10 questions to understand

Security agents control health passes on the Strasbourg Christmas market on December 3, 2021. JEAN-FRANCOIS BADIAS / AP December 15 is a first deadline for some over 65: as of Wednesday, their health pass could be deactivated, in accordance with government announcements made in November concerning the vaccine booster campaign. Explanations. For whom will the … Read more

Few consumers understand THC levels in cannabis edibles

Journal Reference: Cesar Leos-Toro, Geoffrey T. Fong, Samantha B. Meyer, David Hammond. Cannabis labelling and consumer understanding of THC levels and serving sizes. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2020; 107843 DOI: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2020.107843 The study, which surveyed nearly 1,000 Canadians aged 16 to 30, found that most consumers could not identify whether a cannabis edible contained ‘low’ … Read more

Slovácko in emotions! I didn’t even play with my hands. I do not understand why the goal was not paid, says Kohút –

Viktorka scored the leading goal in the corner in the 49th second and her victory in the match of the leading teams of the table was sealed in the second half with her jubilee tenth goal in this first league year, striker Beauguel. In the meantime, however, they transported the balloon twice to the home … Read more

How people understand other people

Journal Reference: Julia Wolf, Sabrina Coninx, Albert Newen. Rethinking Integration of Epistemic Strategies in Social Understanding: Examining the Central Role of Mindreading in Pluralist Accounts. Erkenntnis, 2021; DOI: 10.1007/s10670-021-00486-7 Strategies for understanding others In recent years, researchers have criticised mindreading for being too complicated and demanding to be a common strategy for understanding other people. … Read more

Interview with Svegliaginevra: “music has the power to always save me, to keep me company, to make me understand and discover”

The young singer-songwriter Alarm clock launched the new single something! per The Dischi Clinic. We reached her for a long interview in which the artist talks about his new single, insecurity, surprise, artistic journey and desires. Interview with alarm clock Hi Ginevra, welcome to All Music Italia! Let’s start from the present: on November 19th … Read more