“In Germany, the financing of ecological transformation is hotly debated”

Tribune. One of the main objectives of the German coalition is climate protection, which must stimulate an agenda of both growth and innovation. It provides that by 2030, 80% of electricity consumption will have to be covered by renewable energies and that the exit from coal will have to be effective. Fifteen million electric cars … Read more

Big cities: “Let’s fight against the transformation of our habitats into a vast speculative vein”

Tribune. Housing has been much more and much less than it should be or what small investors want it to be for a long time. Neither human right nor “safe investment”, it has become an essential ingredient in the financialization of the economic system; an evolution with consequences that are as considerable as they are … Read more

“The transformation of technical progress into growth is not straightforward”

Wind farm near Palm Springs, California, April 22, 2016. DAVID MCNEW / AFP Chronic. The COP26 certainly failed to define the shared modalities of an energy revolution, but it is nevertheless taking shape for the coming decades: carbon-based energies, which allowed the growth of the industrial and post-industrial ages, will give way. Many innovations have … Read more