Third dose, from Pfizer to Moderna: the times and vaccines available for the under 60s. The plan for other age groups

Third dose from Pfizer to Moderna the times and vaccines

There are almost 900 thousand third doses administered until today, 22 October. That is, a fifth of the reference audience has already been re-immunized, which includes very fragile guests of the RSA, over 80 and – but it has only started in some Regions – health personnel. Numbers still inevitably narrow, but both the Ministry … Read more

The history of the fight against AIDS, instructive in times of pandemic

The history of the fight against AIDS instructive in times

The book. At a time when the Covid-19 seems to be establishing itself permanently in the human population, the book by Olivier Maurel and Michel Bourrelly, A history of the fight against AIDS, sheds light on the societal impact of the AIDS pandemic. Former players in this fight, particularly within the Aides association, the two … Read more