REVIEWS: Ed Sheeran is trying to come to terms with his previous experience with the album “=”

Mathematical symbols play a very important role in Ed Sheeran’s work. We first added, then multiplied, then divided and now we balance. That sign “equals” is great for naming the current record. Its author balances all his musical faces, which he has shown us so far. As the inconspicuous British became one of the biggest … Read more

“On 5G, we ask ANSES to restore its credibility in terms of expertise”

Tribune. In our modern society, the management of environmental health risks is rational and science-based, and that is fortunate. The crises of recent decades, from asbestos to the Mediator, including endocrine disruptors such as distilbene or bisphenol A in baby bottles, have sufficiently marked public opinion for an anticipatory approach to these risks to be … Read more

DOSB: Coming to terms with the past with lawyers

New escalation level at the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB): Karin Fehres, former board member for sport development in DOSB, defends itself against attacks that the DOSB as an association, represented by the chairwoman of the board Veronika Rücker and finance director Thomas Arnold as well as the president Alfons Hörmann, raises against them. Anonymous … Read more