Bárbara Eugênia Tells How She Adapted “Crashes n’Crushes” to the Stage | pavé music

photo by debby gram Crashes n’Crushes it’s a disk that Barbara Eugenia sculpted in detail in the studio, and every audition promotes an insertion of the listener in the intimate environment that the work proposes. So how to bring these new songs to the stage? On the eve of her performance at Sesc Vila Mariana, … Read more

SICK LUKE tells X2: “Trap and indie have played a great role in recent years. Now, we are slowly combining these two genres”

Sick Luke released his highly anticipated first album on January 7th X2 with the label Carousel Records and distributed by Virgin/Universal.The record is out in CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms. X2 was anticipated by the single The witch of the orchard, featuring chiello e Madame. Now in radio rotation there is the single … Read more

Pippo Pollina: the album “Secret songs” tells the changing times

From January 7, 2022 is available in store digital and in streaming the new album by Pippo Pollina. Secret songs – this is the title – was anticipated by the publication of the videos of the songs Music tomorrow too e Leo. The disc contains the artist’s reflections on the experiences made and the changing … Read more

Santoianni tells the “15 seconds” … time to which we entrust feelings and emotions today

Santoianni 15 seconds preview text of the new single by the singer-songwriter that accompanies the release of the new album on the radio, I have no saints in heaven. Track and album will be released simultaneously on digital platforms Friday 7 January.per IoBoh Dichi/ADA Music Italy. The song, written by the same Santoianni with Luca … Read more

Lychee genome tells a colorful story about a colorful tropical fruit

Journal Reference: Guibing Hu, Junting Feng, Xu Xiang, Jiabao Wang, Jarkko Salojärvi, Chengming Liu, Zhenxian Wu, Jisen Zhang, Xinming Liang, Zide Jiang, Wei Liu, Liangxi Ou, Jiawei Li, Guangyi Fan, Yingxiao Mai, Chengjie Chen, Xingtan Zhang, Jiakun Zheng, Yanqing Zhang, Hongxiang Peng, Lixian Yao, Ching Man Wai, Xinping Luo, Jiaxin Fu, Haibao Tang, Tianying Lan, … Read more

Svahn reveals the drama: “I fainted” • Tells about the visit to the doctor

Tells for the first time about the doctor’s visit Published: Less than 2 hours ago The pain during the doctor’s visit became too strong and Linn Svahn fainted. The shoulder-injured sprint star tells in SVT’s documentary “Best when it comes” for the first time about the collapse in connection with the investigation after the crash … Read more