Telework, absenteeism: “A scissor effect”

Office notebook. The resumption of the obligation to telework in 2022 in a context of increasing absenteeism encourages HRDs to be vigilant about remote management. The past two years were marked by a jaws effect with a drop in short work stoppages, avoided thanks to the freedom to organize work (in 2021, 21% of teleworkers … Read more

Telework, a subject of tension as Christmas approaches: “My boss is ostrich, he refuses to see the curves go up”

The epidemic due to the coronavirus is flaring again in France and does not spare the business world. “In a month, we went from ‘it’s going pretty much’ to ‘it’s shit’”, sums up with bitterness Claire, employee of a communication agency in Strasbourg. “Is it due to the new variant [Omicron] ? A relaxation of … Read more