Mario Poltronieri, among the first to talk about Motorsport with elegance and irony

Five years after the death of the famous commentator, we recall the era of racing, of F1 and motorcycles, narrated by him. They were races far from the current show business, with less means, but more simplicity and humanity: times of calm and sober comments, respectful of pilots and viewers, far from today’s shouted news … Read more

“‘Don’t Look Up’ sends us back to the incessant hubbub that drowns out any talk of the climate emergency”

Land movies Don’t Look Up rose, two weeks after its release, [le 24 décembre 2021] on Netflix, in the top 3 of the platform’s best audiences. This commercial success shows that its director, Adam McKay – with his duo of scientists convinced that the end of the world is imminent and who find themselves confronted with deaf … Read more

The hot topic that Palicka refuses to talk about

Named the national team’s most important player Published: Yesterday 23.04 Updated: Today 01.32 Andreas Palicka was responsible for this year’s transfer bomb when he signed for Redbergslid just before the European Championships. But why he left Rhein-Neckar Löwen refuses Sweden’s most important European Championship players to talk about. – It is personal and private, says … Read more

Genise: the song “Let’s talk about love” is an invitation to dialogue

Five artists who are part of the wall of All Together Now, come together and give life to a new musical project. The result is the new single from Genise, Let’s talk about love, on the radio since December 31, 2021 and in store digital from the next day. There release was anticipated by the … Read more

Irritated Spartan Nita! I don’t know why the coach put me down, he didn’t talk to me at all, he says –

Nita was a huge supporter of the Romanian national team, defeating Rangers midfielder Ianis Hagi and Slavic Nicolae Stanciu in the poll for the best player of the year in his country. However, the list of recent joys for an experienced goalkeeper ends. “I want to thank everyone for their votes, I’m very happy for … Read more

Abu Dhabi GP: Times, tire choices and talk before the World Cup final in Formula 1 2021

Max Verstappen mot Lewis Hamilton.Christian Horner vs. Toto Wolff. Ahead of the Abu Dhabi GP, father Verstappen also gives in to Mercedes.– I respect Hamilton as a driver, but the rest. Nothing, says Jos Verstappen. Hamilton and Verstappen earlier this year (TT) The Verstappen family has previously had a good relationship with Mercedes. Father Jos … Read more

“Belarus, Syria, Ukraine … we talk to Russia, a lot, but often in a vacuum”

Chronic. On one subject at least, the Parisian clamor which rises from the electoral campaign, to the extreme right as to the extreme left, via the old right of government, makes hear the same refrain. There is only one recourse to our foreign policy difficulties: Russian President Vladimir Putin. The incantation is black magic or … Read more

Let’s talk about the 1,800-plus ‘younger’ volcanoes in the US Southwest

Journal Reference: Greg A. Valentine, Michael H. Ort, Joaquín A. Cortés. Quaternary basaltic volcanic fields of the American Southwest. Geosphere, 2021; DOI: 10.1130/GES02405.1 This narrative describes the life of a monogenetic volcano, a type of volcanic hazard that can pose important dangers despite an ephemeral existence. The landscape of the southwestern U.S. is heavily scarred … Read more