Islamabad steps up attacks on Pakistani Taliban

Pakistani army troops patrol along the Pakistan-Afghan border fence atop Big Ben hill in Khyber district, Pakistan on August 3, 2021. ANJUM NAVEED / AP Pakistan, the historic ally of the Afghan Taliban, must manage the unexpected consequences of their return to power in Kabul in the summer of 2021. Islamabad, its army and its … Read more

In Afghanistan, the Taliban ask Herat traders to behead models

The heads of mannequins in a women’s clothing store in Herat, January 5, 2022. – / AFP Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world, is on the brink of economic collapse. At the beginning of DecemberUnited Nations warned of risk of famine, estimating 23 of some 40 million Afghans at risk of food … Read more

In Afghanistan, the Taliban impose further restrictions on women’s rights

A woman walks past beauty salons, whose windows have been degraded in Kabul, September 12, 2021. BERNAT ARMANGUE / AP This is yet another sign of the toughening of the Taliban regime despite their initial promises. The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice issued a recommendation on Sunday, December 26, … Read more

UN Security Council to grant humanitarian aid to Taliban Afghanistan

A Taliban fighter looking at the Taliban’s flags of Afghanistan, in Kabul, August 25, 2021. AP The UN Security Council on Wednesday, December 22, unanimously adopted a resolution proposed by the United States which facilitates humanitarian aid for one year to Afghanistan, on the verge of economic collapse, by hoping the Taliban won’t take advantage … Read more

The ambassadors of the Taliban and the Burmese junta still persona non grata at the UN

Burmese Ambassador to the UN Kyaw Moe Tun gives a three-fingered salute to rally opponents of the coup on February 26, 2021. – / AFP The Burmese and Afghan ambassadors appointed by their previous governments remain in place at the UN, and those proposed by the Burmese junta and the Taliban – who returned to … Read more

Afghanistan: concerns around “summary executions” of former police officers by the Taliban

The weapon of a Taliban soldier who hung a rose on it on December 4, 2021 in Kabul. Taliban leaders want to acquire international respectability, but an NGO report denounces “summary executions” of former members of the Afghan security forces. PETROS GIANNAKOURIS / AP Based on revelations from human rights organizations, the United States and … Read more

In Doha, the Taliban in search of dialogue with the West

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi (second from left) on August 12, 2021, in Doha, Qatar. KARIM JAAFAR / AFP The future of Afghanistan continues to be written, in part, in Doha, Qatar. A delegation from the Taliban government began on Saturday, November 27, a series of meetings with representatives of Western countries to try … Read more

In Afghanistan, the Taliban ask televisions to avoid series showing women

The Taliban Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has called on Afghan televisions to stop broadcasting series showing women, as part of news “Religious directives” aired Sunday, November 21. “Televisions must avoid showing soap operas and series in which women have played rose water”, specifies a document of the ministry … Read more

In Uzbekistan, the authorities fear the influence of the Taliban

Par Emmanuel Grynszpan Posted today at 11:07 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageAfter loosening control over religious practice, hoping to strengthen its popularity, Uzbek President Chavkat Mirziyoyev is taking a new turn in the face of the Afghan example. 250 km north of Afghanistan, the fabulous city of Samarkand, in Uzbekistan, offers visitors the touristy … Read more

In Kandahar, the Shiites caught between the IS and the Taliban

A guard in front of the Shiite Fatemieh Mosque, the target of an ISIS attack on October 15, 2021, in Kandahar (Afghanistan) on November 4, 2021. WILLIAM DANIELS FOR “THE WORLD” The Shia Fatemieh Mosque in Kandahar is a simple cement building. No ornament or minaret, no ostentatious sign differentiates this building from the others, … Read more