“I thought that in the hospital, she would be protected”: the suicide of a young girl within the AP-HP questions the safety standards

The entrance to Ambroise-Paré hospital, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), March 18, 2020. BENOIT DURAND / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP Véronique Le Mouel often wakes up at 2 a.m. A start in the twilight, caused by his mind remained frozen at a time when this January 27, the head of the pediatric department of the Ambroise-Paré hospital, … Read more

Austria to allow assisted suicide

After the Benelux and Spain, the deeply Catholic Austria is preparing to become the fifth country in the European Union to allow assisted suicide. Friday, November 19, the green-conservative government was to present to Parliament a bill providing for the introduction “A right to end one’s life freely and independently and to be helped, if … Read more

Ten years since the judge’s suicide attempt: “Like a second birthday”

Published: Yesterday 23.15 Updated: Yesterday 23.42 full screen Rafati’s Round. Photo: TT It has been ten years since former top referee Babak Rafati, 51, tried to take his own life before a top match in the Bundesliga. Together with his wife, he now looks back on the incident in an interview with View. – We … Read more

In Japan, the suicide of wrestler Hana Kimura prompts justice to crack down on cyberbullying

Ayaka Shiomura, Senator and former TV personality, victim of cyberbullying, receives an apology from Akihiro Suzuk in Tokyo in 2014. JIJI PRESS / AFP LETTER FROM TOKYO Japan will crack down on online harassment, threatening to send perpetrators behind bars. A working group from the Ministry of Justice made a proposal in this regard at … Read more