“We have to wonder if France can continue to do without strong strategic coordination of cybersecurity with the president”

Tribune. In July 2021, we analyzed Europe’s weaknesses in the face of cyberattacks and proposed lines of response. Since then, the strategic context in cyberspace has worsened, mainly to the detriment of the European Union and its members. Essentially, this is due to a strengthening of the United States – Russia duopoly, highlighted in the … Read more

An anti-Covid application, used in a police investigation, the target of strong criticism in Germany

A visitor to a fitness center uses the Luca app for registration, in Havixbeck, near Coesfeld, western Germany, May 4, 2021. INA FASSBENDER / AFP Data protection called into question again. Police in Mainz, Germany, have drawn criticism by using an anti-Covid tracking app in an investigation to help bars and restaurants register their customers … Read more

Moscow in a strong position against Washington in key European security talks

A Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force soldier at the front line near Avdiivka (Ukraine), January 9, 2022. ANATOLII STEPANOV / AFP Russia has its hands on it, but what will it do with it? After having deployed 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, she knows that neither the Americans nor the Europeans will go to war … Read more

In Tunisia, the strong man of Ennahda arrested Friday hospitalized in “critical condition”

Former Tunisian justice minister Noureddine Bhiri in Tunis in February 2013. FETHI BELAID / AFP The former Tunisian Minister of Justice, Noureddine Bhiri, a strong man of the Islamist-inspired Ennahda party, was transferred in critical condition to the hospital in Bizerte (north) two days after his arrest, said Sunday (January 2) activists of this movement … Read more

Covid-19 in France: before a ministerial meeting on the Omicron variant, hospital pressure remains strong

According to figures published on Sunday by Public Health France, at the start of 2022, French hospitals are welcoming a total of 19,043 Covid patients, against 18,811 the day before. DANIEL COLE / AP Prime Minister Jean Castex will meet on Monday, January 3, from 4 p.m., ten of his ministers “In order to take … Read more

In Tunisia, arrest of Noureddine Bhiri, strong man of Ennahda

The deputy of Ennahda, Noureddine Bhiri, in front of the Parliament in Tunis, July 26, 2021. FETHI BELAID / AFP The deputy of Ennahda, Noureddine Bhiri, close to Rached Ghannouchi, at the head of the party of Islamist inspiration and bête noire of the head of state, was arrested Friday, December 31. “Plainclothes officers who … Read more

Nanotube fibers stand strong — but for how lengthy?

Journal Reference: Nitant Gupta, Evgeni S. Penev, Boris I. Yakobson. Fatigue in assemblies of indefatigable carbon nanotubes. Science Advances, 2021; 7 (52) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abj6996 A Rice University study calculates how strains and stresses affect both “perfect” nanotubes and those assembled into fibers and found that while fibers under cyclic loads can fail over time, the … Read more

In Spain, strong support for anti-Covid vaccination

People line up to get vaccinated at Sant-Pau Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain on December 27, 2021. ALBERT GEA / REUTERS Closing of nightclubs, lowering the curtain at 1 hour for bars, gauge at 50% or 70% in restaurants and theaters and even curfews between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. To face the new wave of … Read more

Martinique: “There is a lack of a collective, strong, courageous, assertive, non-consensual and non-populist local political voice”

Tribune Martinique is going through a period of generalized unrest which has been exacerbated by the health crisis and the rejection of the public health protocol put in place by the French government in response to the pandemic. While the population is still sore from the mourning of the last few months during which the … Read more