This was the night Charlie Heaton became a man

The one that most wore the sole of his gleaming Martinelli was, without a doubt, Adrián Lastra, the host of the gala, that he walked incessantly through the space while he reviewed the text that Lucía Taboada had prepared for him. The ‘Velvet’ actor was looking forward to getting on stage to announce to the … Read more

Stranger Things’ David Harbor marries Lily Allen in Las Vegas

Through social networks David Harbor announced his marriage to the British singer Lilly Allen. The couple were encouraged to take the big step through a fairly simple ceremony in Las Vegas, and in a fairly classic chapel in the city. The fans of both have been delighted with the novelty and in the comment box … Read more

The best Netflix actors

DGetty Images The exponential growth of Netflix in Spain is an open secret. Who does not know someone who is not subscribed to the main entertainment platform? Its contents are changing our ways of watching television and we have already become fans of some of its best-known products, such as ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Crown’ or … Read more

Stranger Things’s Finn Wolfhard is harassed by a 27-year-old model

Finn Wolfhard, the actor who plays Mike in Stranger Things – 90%, and who we saw recently in It (That) – 85% like Richie, was harassed by an older model who caused great controversy on social networks and the same actor responded for the discomfort it made him feel. You may also like: Finn Wolfhard’s … Read more

The 5 protagonists of Stranger Things and their partners in real life

Stranger Things became one of the sNetflix’s most successful eries. The way they combine Science fiction with the most memorable and iconic aspects of the 80’s (in terms of culture, music, customs and looks), added to a great story made it the favorite series of young and old. Among so much nostalgia and melancholy, the … Read more

Finn Wolfhard: the life of the Netflix star who was about to become a famous rocker | HISTORY | TVMAS

As in most cases, television stars emerge from a stroke of luck thanks to a successful production. Sometimes it takes years of experience; and others – increasingly common – occur at an early age. So it happened with Finn Wolfhard; Canadian actor and musician who became known in 2016 after playing Mike Wheeler on the … Read more

It happens in the series, it happens in life: 3 couples of Elite and Stranger Things that came true

Not always the similarities between real life and what we find in a production (be it series or film) are usually mere coincidence. In fact, many times a history that starts in a production fictional may have its correlate and continuity in the real life. And it is exactly the same with love. It is … Read more

Learn about the love story of Millie Bobby Brown, the star of “Stranger Things”

Most of us tend to only see the sexy side of success and fame: celebrity, financial power, thousands of fans, travel and luxury, but we rarely realize how “expensive” it can be to become a celebrity. And it is that fame brings a series of consequences that are not always pleasant for those who suffer … Read more

Beyond ‘Stranger Things’: Actor David Harbor and his “fatherly” relationship with Millie Bobby Brown | TV and Show

Almost five years have passed since the Netflix series premiered Stranger Things and one of its protagonists, the actor David Harbour (46), referred to the “paternal” relationship he has with his colleague, the young Millie Bobby Brown (17). The production, directed by the brothers Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, is set in the 80s in … Read more

Coincidence? Actors of ‘Stranger Things’,’ Elite ‘and ’13 Reasons Why’ changed their look | Spoiler

In times of confinement due to Covid-19, health authorities in almost every country in the world have recommended that people stay at home to prevent the virus from spreading further. While waiting for a vaccine to come out, people have managed to try not to get bored at home. The recommendation of the experts is … Read more