CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: I don’t like Slavia. When the match is even, the referee will help her or cut her opponent right away! – Sport.cz

“After the weekend, for example, Slavia’s goal in Olomouc is being solved. Half the nation will say that the hand of Mardi Gras was, half that it was not. I saw an even more controversial hand in the Dortmund-Bayern match. They will always be controversial in football. However, the essence of the matter is elsewhere … Read more

GLOSA: Desperado or Sennov-style guy? Verstappena forces DNA and circumstances to risk – Sport.cz

It was the second time patch for Max Verstappen for his risky drive in Saudi Arabia, while at least one more escaped thanks to the team’s agreement with the race directorate. “What has happened today is unbelievable. I try to race, but today this sport is more about penalties than riding. For me, it’s no … Read more

Slovácko in emotions! I didn’t even play with my hands. I do not understand why the goal was not paid, says Kohút – Sport.cz

Viktorka scored the leading goal in the corner in the 49th second and her victory in the match of the leading teams of the table was sealed in the second half with her jubilee tenth goal in this first league year, striker Beauguel. In the meantime, however, they transported the balloon twice to the home … Read more

Czechia – Finland 4: 5, Drama with a winning end for Finland, floorball players are waiting for the bronze medal match – Sport.cz

The Czechs led 2: 1 and 3: 2 in the replay of the duel for 3rd place from the last World Championships in Switzerland, but in the end Oona Kauppi decided with her second goal in the match in 48:10. Her sister Veera scored four points for two goals and the same number of assists. … Read more

Röiseland from the 12th place flew for a triumph in the fighter. Despite three mistakes, Davidová also improved – Sport.cz

All the Czechs shot the opening lane without a mistake, it moved David to tenth place and Jislová even ten places up to twenty-four. However, the best of the national team then made one mistake at the second stop on the shooting range and returned from the penalty round to 14th position with a loss … Read more

Sparta – Zlín 4: 6, Sparta lost to the last Zlín, the back of the winners Gazda shone with a hat-trick – Sport.cz

Sparta presented itself on its own ice for the second time in the last 12 matches and started actively. Despite the predominance of the home team, however, the Rams developed the first serious chance. Flynn passed the Spartan defense in the sixth minute, but his backhand attempt did not fit between the three bars of … Read more

GLOSA: F1 is no longer a seducer after Sunday lunch, give it a chance now – Sport.cz

Yes, there were years when F1 was predictable, in a number of races without excitement, emotion. And too much of a man’s show. But now it’s different. F1 began to recover from “clinical death” a few seasons ago. It was helped by a new owner, the American company Liberty Media, which took over the championship … Read more

GLOSS: Karviná is attacking records that no one cares about – Sport.cz

Of course, the league has only just moved into the second half of the regular season, so nothing is lost purely mathematically for the penultimate Fortuna League team. But a look at the table and the real strength of the staff in favor of the Slezanians does not speak. Karviná is the only team that … Read more

Třebíč – Jihlava 2: 1, Hockey players Třebíč managed an exploding hit, Dukla started misery – Sport.cz

Třebíč took the lead in the derby of the Vysočina teams at 6:42, when Ladislav Bittner took advantage of the power play. Although Josef Skořepa equalized in the numerical advantage in the 44th minute, Tomáš Křehlík decided in 75 seconds. Dukla scored her third defeat in a row and did not score a point in … Read more

NHL | Boston – Detroit 1: 2, Pastrňák’s goal was not enough for points, Voráček and Columbus caught a debacle – Sport.cz

Zadina opened the scoring in the 26th minute from a solo escape, which ended with a backhand loop. Pastrňák equalized in the time of 46:20, when in a power play of five to three he pushed out of the left circle with a shot without preparation. The native of Havířov, who fired nine times in … Read more