WRC Monte-Carlo SS16: Ogier punctures and Loeb signs the scratch and regains the lead for 9.5 before the last special!

Incredible twist. While he only had to ensure and said to be careful precisely of bad ropes and punctures, Sébastien Ogier punctured at the front left. The Toyota driver lost 34.5 seconds on the best time set by Seb Loeb who therefore found himself in the lead for 9.5 before the Power Stage. Will the … Read more

Jörg Kukies, the very special adviser to the new German chancellor

Olaf Scholz (left), then Federal Minister of Finance and Jörg Kukies (right), then Secretary of State for Financial Markets and Europe, on March 24, 2020, in Berlin. IMAGO / PANORAMIC It is a rural region, watered by the Rhine, where the vine is doing like a charm and where the Romans left superb vestiges. Its … Read more

Tennis, Australian Open: Djokovic after a special permit – the next controversy

Tennis Australia speaks of “rigorous review process” The officials of the most important sporting event in Australia were quick to seek sovereignty. The association Tennis Australia wrote in a press release an hour after Djokovic’s post that Djokovic’s request for a medical exemption after a “rigorous testing process“Two independent groups of medical experts have been … Read more

From the oilfield to the lab: How a special microbe turns oil into gases

Journal Reference: Zhuo Zhou, Cui-jing Zhang, Peng-fei Liu, Lin Fu, Rafael Laso-Pérez, Lu Yang, Li-ping Bai, Jiang Li, Min Yang, Jun-zhang Lin, Wei-dong Wang, Gunter Wegener, Meng Li, Lei Cheng. Non-syntrophic methanogenic hydrocarbon degradation by an archaeal species. Nature, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04235-2 Enzymes just in case This “miracle microbe” breaks down oil into methane (CH4) … Read more

Where does the special scent of thyme and oregano come from?

Journal Reference: Sandra T. Krause, Pan Liao, Christoph Crocoll, Benoît Boachon, Christiane Förster, Franziska Leidecker, Natalie Wiese, Dongyan Zhao, Joshua C. Wood, C. Robin Buell, Jonathan Gershenzon, Natalia Dudareva, Jörg Degenhardt. The biosynthesis of thymol, carvacrol, and thymohydroquinone in Lamiaceae proceeds via cytochrome P450s and a short-chain dehydrogenase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, … Read more

Crows keep special tools extra safe

Journal Reference: Barbara C Klump, James JH St Clair, Christian Rutz. New Caledonian crows keep ‘valuable’ hooked tools safer than basic non-hooked tools. eLife, 2021; 10 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.64829 New Caledonian crows are renowned for using different types of tools for extracting prey from tree holes and other hiding places. While they firmly hold their tools … Read more

2021 Special: The Music Videos That Marked the Year | Pave Music

Creative narratives, stunning visuals and settings help communicate and expand the tracks’ universes. In terms of music videos, 2021 was a hell of a year. Of the more than 470 productions that went through the Pave Music throughout the year, some of them have already gone down in history as a reference for what the … Read more

2021 Special: Record Covers that Marked the Year | Pave Music

From thumbnails on streaming platforms to vinyl covers, album art is an integral part of the experience of listening to your tracks. Some of them, like music videos, come to mind as soon as we think about a certain song, or even at a time. Among the many discs released throughout 2021, the team Pave … Read more

2021 Special: The Live Videos That Marked the Year | Pave Music

After a decade of massive presence in the way we consume music on the web, live videos have gained new relevance over the past two years, being, in many cases, our only chance to get to know those songs in out-of-studio versions. Of the many videos that the Pave Music reported, commented and monitored throughout … Read more