Spotify’s Most Popular Artists, Albums & Songs, Week 2: Sick Luke First Everywhere & With All New Top 50 Songs

Charts Spotify most streamed songs, albums and artists in week 2 of 2022. Let’s start with the songs later Sick Luke places all 17 tracks of his debut album in the Top 50 and almost monopolizes the Top 10 occupying nine positions (he can resist only Marracash feat Ford). Sick Luke is obviously first also … Read more

Pippo Pollina: the album “Secret songs” tells the changing times

From January 7, 2022 is available in store digital and in streaming the new album by Pippo Pollina. Secret songs – this is the title – was anticipated by the publication of the videos of the songs Music tomorrow too e Leo. The disc contains the artist’s reflections on the experiences made and the changing … Read more

Interview with ERRE: “Being able to buy my house in Milan with songs is my dream …”

On the occasion of the release, which took place a few weeks ago, of the new single by Erre, Friday, we took the opportunity to interview the young artist. The song in its debut week managed to conquer the editorial playlists of Spotify New Music Friday, Indie school e Generation Z. In recent days the … Read more

The Most Beautiful Brazilian Songs of 2021 | Pave Music

Music has given us everything that we lacked in 2021 – comfort, inspiration, optimism and, as always, beauty. Build a had list for the Pave Music What traditional, in a year like this, needs to take into account all its shortcomings. Many of these songs were written or produced during the covid-19 pandemic and, like … Read more

Brig celebrates 10 years of career with “Long Life”. Here are the featuring, the producers and the guide to listening to the songs

Argument new album coming out. Here comes the December 10 Long life, a disc consisting of 13 tracks with 10 featuring including Emis Killa, The Three, Villabanks, Random e Anna Tatangelo. Long life, outgoing for Honiro Label, takes its title from the album’s leading song, in which the rapper, who in 10 years of career … Read more

REVIEWS: The Flaming Lips and Nell Smith didn’t put it on the album “Where the Viaduct Looms”. The generational difference and ignorance of the repertoire took the songs of Nick Cave to their charm

What happens when well-deserved rockers from The Flaming Lips come together with young singer Nell Smith? Can a group in which the band is more than two and a half times older than the singer work? And will she address a girl who still has everything in front of her, the same music that her … Read more

REVIEWS: Me And That Man on “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1” keeps the same games as last time, but the magic is slowly disappearing

The Desperate strike Me And That Man, led by metalhead frontman Behemoth, returns and brings the second part of his dark country-rock opus “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2”. Again, this is a recording full of guests, which the principal Nergal puts in non-traditional contexts. Did the second entrance to the same river … Read more

Amadeus replies to Mazza from FIMI: “Pink quote, at the Festival? I choose the songs … if you want to change something, start with the discography “

Amadeus Sanremo 2022 and the pink quotas proposed by FIMI. Amadeus responds to the proposal launched by half Adnkronok gives Enzo Mazza, CEO of FIMI (Federation of the Italian Music Industry) on the inclusion of equal shares at Sanremo Festival 2022 between male and female artists… and it is a definite no. Luckily we add … Read more

Interview with Giuliano Crupi: “inside my songs I am 100% myself”

Giuliano Crupi released her new single Filter. The song is available on all digital, streaming and download platforms. We reached Giuliano Crupi for a long interview in which he talks about the present and future objectives. Several topics were addressed with Giuliano and we divided the interview into three themes: Filter, Giuliano and Future Hi … Read more