In Kenya, KFC targeted by a boycott after a shortage of fries

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That is Lauterbach’s plan against the vaccine shortage

According to Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD), the Biontech vaccine is already tight in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. “In the next week we can deliver 1.2 million cans of Biontech for all of Germany, the following week 800,000 cans and then another 1.2 million cans,” said Lauterbach on Wednesday evening in the … Read more

To revive its economy, Vietnam is trying to remedy a shortage of workers due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Workers leaving Ho Chi Minh City on October 7. BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES Strongly slowed down by the Delta variant wave this summer, the Vietnamese locomotive, one of the best performing economies of 2020 (2.9% growth), is looking to pick up speed. One of the new workshops in the world (with its textile factories, household … Read more

“I never imagined having such a hard time recruiting”: In the disability sector, an alarming shortage of staff

Par Nithya Paquiry Posted today at 11:55 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageAt the nursing home in Lormont, near Bordeaux, residents and their families are worried about the staff hemorrhage. Management and employees, breathless, sound the alarm bells. On the walls of Maryline’s bedroom, self-adhesive butterflies sit alongside posters of singers Kendji Girac and Amir, … Read more

In Haiti, the giant fuel shortage, orchestrated by gangs, paralyzes the country

People push a Tap Tap public transport van that has run out of fuel in front of a closed gas station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on October 29, 2021. RICARDO ARDUENGO / AFP A fuel exhaustion on the scale of an entire country: for several weeks, Haiti has been paralyzed by a serious fuel shortage, which … Read more