BIKE ASSEMBLY: Torn heroes, a big solo and the end of a long series –

The people of Ostrava have three representations, two players were supplied by stitching, Plzeň and Pardubice. Baník had Slavia on his shovel, but with the final draw he dramatically dramatized the development at the top of the table. The defending champions overwinter at the top of the table just one point ahead of Victoria and … Read more

In Afghanistan, the Taliban ask televisions to avoid series showing women

The Taliban Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has called on Afghan televisions to stop broadcasting series showing women, as part of news “Religious directives” aired Sunday, November 21. “Televisions must avoid showing soap operas and series in which women have played rose water”, specifies a document of the ministry … Read more

Brazil is the 2nd country that most watches online movies and series in the world

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Recently, in a survey conducted by Statista, JustWatch and CupomValido platforms, we won the silver medal among streaming users and consequently, in audiences in movies and series on these platforms. Pandemic Side Effects With the difficulties and sadness that the pandemic brought to the world, many sectors suffered, on … Read more

Round 6. All the successes and all the dangers of the most watched series on Netflix

short Music Non Stop no Facebook CineKorea It is not new that we follow foreign films gaining highlights that only blockbusters received. With streaming platforms, we’ve seen this grow even more. The audience of these platforms is getting to know series and films in languages ​​other than English, and the Netflix knowing this has been … Read more

October’s best series on Netflix, Amazon and HBOMax

short Music Non Stop no Facebook And October won’t be different, there’s a lot coming up and here you’ll know everything and make your list. Let’s check out October’s best series on Netflix, Amazon and HBO Max. You – Season 3 the series of stalker most famous of all is back, and will the birth … Read more