After ten years of lightning political career, former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz throws in the towel

“I will now leave and pick up my son and my partner from the hospital. “ Thursday, December 2, this is how Sebastian Kurz concluded his press conference and ten years of political career as lightning as it was precocious in Austria. At barely 35 years old, already twice ex-chancellor, the leader of the powerful … Read more

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announces his retirement from politics

Sebastien Kurz was the youngest head of government in the world when he took office at the age of 31. LISI NIESNER / REUTERS Barely two months after his resignation from the Chancellery on suspicion of corruption, Sebastian Kurz, presented yesterday as “The child prodigy” Austrian politics, at the age of 35 bowed out. “It’s … Read more

Sebastian Kienle draws the line for the end of 2023

The decision was well considered: With Sebastian Kienle, one of the most influential and successful German triathletes has announced that he wants to end his career. Not immediately, but by the end of 2023 it should be: “That’s it. That’s the end!” Kind of a finish line for himself The 37-year-old said that late on … Read more