San Antonio native Marcella Ochoa penned the screenplay for Madres, which streams October 8 | Movies | San Antonio

click to enlarge Amazon prime Mothers premieres on Amazon Prime October 8 as part of Welcome to the Blumhouse. A horror movie fan since the age of 4, screenwriter and San Antonio native Marcella Ochoa long wanted to write a fright flick featuring Latinos. Ochoa’s grandparents, aunts and uncles were migrant farmworkers, and she felt … Read more

Armor Wars: The series with Don Cheadle already has a screenwriter

Marvel Studios leaves nothing to chance. His universe changed completely after Avengers: Endgame, with a scenario in which Iron Man fails and in which the study was committed to starting a new stage without Robert Downey Jr. Through new films and series, Kevin Feige and his family have set a stage with new heroes and … Read more

“Waterworld”, the failure that sank Kevin Costner: the fierce fights with the director, a set devastated by a typhoon and the hell of the screenwriter

“You have to put your head in the lion’s mouth if you want to be successful in the action that you carry out ”. The phrase leaves no room for doubt. Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, wrote it in 1900 in London to Ladysmith via Pretoria, where he portrays his impressions of an … Read more

Actors Samuel L. Jackson and Liv Ullmann and screenwriter Elaine May, Oscar de Honor 2022 | Culture

From left, Danny Glover, Samuel L. Jackson, Elaine May and Liv Ullmannm, the Oscars of honor of 2022.AP The Hollywood Film Academy has announced in a statement that the actors Samuel L. Jackson and Liv Ullmann and the screenwriter Elaine May will be the Oscars of Honor 2022, and that the interpreter Danny Glover will … Read more

What is ‘The Premise’, the peculiar first series as creator of the actor and screenwriter BJ Novak (‘The Office’)

Related news He started at Dunder Mifflin with a temp job, but Ryan ended up staying at The Office for eight seasons. What many fans of the series will not know NBC is that the actor B.J. Novak He was also a key member of the writers’ room of the remake American of the classic … Read more

Last Night in Soho: screenwriter says it will be about the exploitation of women

Although Edgar Wright has been working in the industry for many years, it is clear that the director seeks quality and not quantity. His peculiar sense of humor and his association with Simon Pegg served to deliver to the public the Cornetto trilogy, made up of The Despair of the Dead – 92%, Hot Fuzz: … Read more