Almost ten years after his participation in the talent, Mara Sattei returns as a guest to Amici di Maria De Filippi

Mara Sattei, almost ten years after his experience as a singer ad Friends of Maria De Filippi (happened with his real name, Sara Mattei), returns to the stage of the talent show of Channel 5 as a guest as an established artist of Italian music to sing his new single with Giorgia, Brackets. Let’s take … Read more

The Pagelli to the new Italian singles out on Friday 14 January … Chiara Grispo, Thomas Cheval, Mara Sattei, Folcast, Anastasio …

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on Friday 14 January 2022 by the music critic Fabio Fiume. Week full of news, too many to tell the truth. What do you do, start over with a hundred new titles a week? I say this for record labels: what are your hopes of being included in … Read more